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Sleep is Awesome

The modern age is constantly busy. The internet is available SLEEP IS AWESOME! 24/7. So is entertainment. And with mobile phones and email, we're available for work all the time. So, we've decided to get these hours from sleep intead. Hey, it's not like we're doing anything important during that time. Whatever. The thing is, sleep is awesome. The problem is that people don't know just how awesome it is, so they check Twitter and watch bad TV instead. To combat this evil force, Zeo, FFunction and Julien Smith made this cool infographic so you can know what you're missing. You're so sleep deprived you probably won't get to the bottom of this. So share this now while you're still awake! You'll get a chance to win a free Zeo sleep monitor. FUN FACTOID: Guinness World Records no longer track longest period without sleep - it's considered to0 dangerous. (But sword swallowing and glass eating are ok.) SLEEP LOSS GUINNESS IS KILLER RISK OF CANCER RISK OF HEART DISEASE Going to bed too late doubles the risk of breast cancer. 100% - the increased likelihood of a heart attack if you get less than 7 hours of sleep per night LESS SLEEP - LESS SLEEP- +200% . +100% RISK SOURCE: Blask DE. Melatonin, sleep disturbance and cancer risk. Sleep Med Rev 2009;13(4):257-64. SOURCE: See bottom of the inforgraphic OBESITY RISK OF DEATH Lose 14.3lbs per year by sleeping I hour more each day If you are sleep deprived you are 20% more likely to instead of watching TV. be dead in 20 years. MORE SLEEP = LESS SLEEP = -14,3 lbs +20% SOURCE: Sivak M. SOURCE: Hublin C, Partinen M, Koskenvuo M. Kaprio J. Sleep and mortality: a population-based 22-year follow-up study. Sleep 2007,30:1245-53. FUN FACTOID: One night without sleep leaves you performing like you were legally drunk at a blood alcohol content of o.08. WE DON'T GET ENOUGH SLEEP ZZ HOURS OF SLEEP SOURCE: All data from the Zeo Sleep Research Center DOZER databaser 23% of people get less than 6 hours of sleep at night. Only 7% get at least 8 hours. 40 35 30 25 20 15 MOST 10 WTF PEOPLE IDEAL T HOUR 2 HOURS 3 HOURS 4 HOURS 5 HOURS 6 HOURS 7 HOURS 8 HOURS 9 HOURS > 10 HOURS ZQ (SLEEP QUALITY) WITH AGE WOMEN VS MEN It's worse with age: ZQ decreases 18 points over our adult lives (zQ is based on total sleep, Deep sleep, Women have it tougher: They spend 32% more time awake at night than men. REM sleep, and time awake.) 80 MEN WOMEN 80 76 72 69 70 69 62 60 50 40 25 MINUTES AWAKE PER NIGHT 33 MINUTES 30 AWAKE PER NIGHT 20 10 And men get a higher ZQ (a single measure from Zeo to describe how we sleep at night) – 2 points per night. 20 30 40 50 60 70 HOW TO FALL ASLEEP QUICKLY: "Paradoxical Intention" is a method to fall asleep more quickly. The trick: try as hard as you can to stay awake with your eyes closed laying in your bed. (It really works!) GET MÓRE SLEEP (TO BE NICER, SEXIER, AND JUST MORE AWESOME) PROBLEM SOLVING SMARTER KIDS A single night of sleep can more than double our ability Longer sleep is associated with higher IQ in children. to come up with novel solutions to difficult problems. EMPATHY TOO SLEEPY FOR SEX? Tin 3 women report being to0 sleepy for sex - so GET MORE! Sleep deprivation reduces our ability to empathize - so sleep more and be a better person! SOURCE: See battom of the inforgraphic FUN FACTOID: Cool color temperatures keep us awake. Blue light suppresses melatonin and shifts circadian rhythms. Solution: The f.lux app changes the color of CONCLUSION your screen at night. Start 2011 right! Sleep more and you'll get more sex, be leaner, and zeo be in a better mood for the whole year. Your kids will be smarter and less noisy. You'll get a promotion at work. Your mother-in-law will stop calling. You'll develop super powers. They'll make a movie about you. And your autobiography will become a bestseller that stops global warming. We swear. WIN A ZEO PERSONAL SLEEP COACH The 4-Hour BODY AS USED BY TIM FERRIS AND MENTIONED IN 4 HOUR BODY JUST TWEET THIS OUT AND MENTION TIMOTHY FERRISS @ZEO FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 7 12- CONTEST ENDS JAN IST Hee hREM LtDee y ffunction INFOGRAPHIC: FFCTN.COM HEART DISEASE FACTOID SOURCE: Gangwisch JE. Heymsfield SB, Beden-Albala B, et al. Sleep duration as a risk factor for diabetes incidence in a large U.S. sample. Sleep 2007:30(12):1667-73, & Cappuccio FP, Stranges S, Kandala N, et al. Gender-specific associations of shert sleep duration with prevalent and incident hyptertension: the Whitehall II Study. Hypertension 2007:50(4):693-700. PROBLEM SOLVING FACTOID SOURCE: Stickgold R, Walker M. To sleep, perchance to gain ereative insight? Tends Cogn Sei 2004:8(5):191-2. SMARTER KIDS FACTOID SOURCE: Gruber R. Lavialette R. Deluca P. Monson E, Cormish K, Carrier J. Short sleep duration is associated with poor performance on 10 measures in healthy school-age children. Sleep Med 2010;11(3) 209-94. EMPATHY FACTOID SOURCE: van der Helm E: Gujar N; Walker MP. Sleep deprivation impairs the accurate recognition of human emotions. Sleep 2010:33 (3).335-42. & Schroder CM. Sleep deprivation and emotion regulation. Sleep 2010:33(3):201-2. TOO SLEEPY FOR SEX SOURCE: National Sleep Foundation. Sleep in America Poll 2007; available from: Accessed 2010-12-13

Sleep is Awesome

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This infographic provides information about sleep. It explains the health risks for not getting enough sleep and the health benefits to sleep. It also provides data for the amount of sleep the average...




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