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Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer

SLATHER ON THAT SUNSCREEN WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SKIN CANCER THE MOST COMMONLY HRUUT: DIAGNOSED TYPE OF CANCER ABOUT: 75% SKIN CANCER % MELANOMA BREAST Melanoma causes 75% of LUNG 19% CELL the deaths from skin cancer each year SQUAMOUS COLORECTAL PROSTATE 80% CELL BASAL More common than lung, breast, colorectal and 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in the More than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annually prostate cancer combined course of their lifetime SYMPTOMS: TYPES: MELANOMA DARK, WITH IRREGULAR BORDER, USUALLY GREATER THÀN 6MM IN DIAMETER ASYMMETRY FORMS IN PIGMENT CELLS IRREGULAR EDGES SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA FORMS ON THE SKIN'S SURFACE COLOR CHANGE RAPIDLY GROWING RED, SCALY BUMP BASAL CELL CARCINOMA LARGE DIAMETER TRANSLUCENT, FLESHY COLOR WITH TINY BLOOD VESSELS ON THE SURFACE FORMS IN THE LOWER CHANGES APPEARANCE EPIDERMIS CAUSES: 10% a0% 1. Blue or green eyes 2. Red or blonde hair 2. 3. Smoking tobacco 4. Fair skin or numerous moles 5. Tanning beds 6. Heredity 5. UU RADIATION FROM SUN EXPOSURE 7. Exposure to coal and arsenic 8. Repeated x-ray exposure 9. Scars from diseases or burns 33 As 6. 8. 9. 7. PREUENTION: TANNING Avoid indoor tanning Wear clothing to protect skin from sun exposure Wear sunscreen Avoid tobacco use every season Avoid sun exposure between 10am and 4pm Yearly dermatology visits for body checks Vitamin and antioxidant Self-examinations supplements have not been every month found to have an influence TREATMENT OPTIONS UEPEND ON: •lno SIZE OF TUMOR AND LOCATION ON BODY TYPE OF CANCER STAGE OF CANCER GENERAL HEALTH TREATMENT OPTIONS INCLUDE: EXCISION CRYOSURGERY ELECTROSURGERY RADIATION THERAPY CHEMOTHERAPY IMMUNOTHERAPY FOUR POINTS Brought to you by: DERMATOLOGY SOURCES: +

Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer

shared by spacechimpmedia on Oct 30
Four Points Dermatology brings understanding to the most common form of cancer in an infographic titled, “Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer”


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