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Skin Care with Matcha Green Tea Infographic

WAYS HOW MATCHA HELPS KENKO ТЕА Skin Care МАТСHA GREEN 1 Matcha is abundant with EGCG and Chlorophyll =137* CHLOROPHYLLS EGCG FOUND IN MATCHA IS 137 TIMES HIGHER THAN ARE CONCENTRATED IN LEAVES BECAUSE MATCHA S LEAVES ARE THOSE IN REGULAR GREEN TEA GROWN IN THE SHADE BOTH ARE EXCELLENT ANTIOXIDANTS THAT HELP SKIN CARE Matcha can prevent skin aging EGCG prevents UV-induced oxidation of free radicals that responsible to skin aging UV Chlorophyll detoxes skin by absorbing toxins and radiation and helps slow down skin aging BOTH EGCG AND CHLOROPHYLL SUPPRESS INFLAMMATORY IN SKIN THAT CAN LEADS TO SKIN AGING 3 Matcha helps treat erythema Caunburn) CATECHINS FROM MATCHA HELPS INHIBIT UVB-INDUCED ERYTHEMA Study shows consuming EGCG decreases erythema intensity BY 16% AND 25% AFTER 6 AND 12 WEEKS RESPECTIVELY Matcha prevents risks of skin cancer EGCG suppress EGCG can reduces the chemo and DNA lesions and photocarcinogenesis which prevents risks of skin cancer promotes DNA repairing from UV damage STUDIES SHOW CHLOROPHYLL A AND B FROM GREEN TEA ALSO SUPPRESS TUMORIGENESIS IN SKIN Matcha improves shin structure CATECHIN It increases skin hydration which help improve skin elastin, scaling, A study shows that topical and oral EGCG application can improve skin structure after POLYPHENOLS enhance cutaneous blood flow & O, delivery in skin water homeostasis 8 WEEKS 6 Matcha can treat acne Acne is caused by overproduction of sebum (fatty acids) and activity of bacteria, P. acnes EGCG regulates lipogenesis (fatty acids production) that inhibits overproducing sebum A STUDY SHOWS CONSUMING EGCG REDUCES SEBUM PRODUCTION BY 70% AFTER 8 WEEKS EGCG also has antimicrobial activity that suppresses the abnormal growth of P.acnes in the development of acne. Sources: Brought to you by O @ kenkotea kenkotea L5

Skin Care with Matcha Green Tea Infographic

shared by phuongkani168 on Nov 28
Skin Care with Matcha Green Tea Infographic by Matcha green tea has become so popular nowadays for its amazing health benefits, including antioxidation, detoxification, anti-inflammat...


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