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Skin Care at Every Age

CLEAROGEN kin care at every age As we age our skin changes and we need to develop different habits. By changing your skin care regimen as you age you can get radiant skin and look your best no matter what your age is. 20s What's your Skin Like? • 20-something skin can be unpredictable. • Skin stops producing ceramides, the molecules that surround and nourish the skin cells which can result in dryer, flakier skin. Good Habits • Right time to develop good habits. Start applying sunscreen everyday. • Never sleep in makeup. • If acne has shifted to your jawline it's hormone related and you may want to switch to a hormone-related treatment. • If you notice dry skin, switch to a less drying acne routine. For acne that is hormone related you want to find a solution that addresses DHT hormones. By controlling DHT levels in the skin, the oil glands will produce a balanced level of oil within the skin, preventing the clogging of the pore. 30s What's your Skin Like? • Collagen and elastic fibers begin to break down in the face. • Fine lines and wrinkles become more and more apparent. Good Habits Regular exfoliation should be a priority at this time. • To make skin appear luminous, try a cleanser with hydroxyl acids. These increase cell renewal. • Focus on repairing the skin around the eye. Your cream should have niacinamide (anti-redness), caffeine (anti-inflammatory), or retinol (collagen building). • Don't forget about sunscreen. 40s What's your Skin Like? • Natural hormone changes can begin to affect the skin. • Dark spots can cause skin to look uneven. • Skin begins to lose volume. • Wrinkles and lines can start to appear deeper. Good Habits • Continue to use a gentle cleanser morning and night. • You may be dealing with hormone-related acne or premenopausal dryness. • Repair and protect by looking for a serum in antioxidants. • Use a prescription retinoid at night, because a retinoid will reduce acne and boost collagen and elastin. 50s What's your Skin Like? • You may notice thinner skin and sagging. • Bone loss can lead to jowls. • Fat loss can create a sunken look. Good Habits • Make sure to moisturize. The drier your skin, the more susceptible to damage. Using a moisturizing cleanser is best. • If your retinoid causes dryness, mix with moisturize or night cream and use three times a week. Source care-by-Age forbeswoman-skincare-guide-botox/ NationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing

Skin Care at Every Age

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As each of us gets older, our lifestyles habits change and our skin needs extra attention. Developing a healthy skin care regimen is important so you can keep your radiant skin and look your best ever...


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