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Sitting Vs. Standing Desk

SITTING VS STANDING DESH Height-adjustable desks are known for standing up and working, which can save you from several health risks: Good cholesterol dropping 20%. Your breaking- down-fat enzymes Leg muscles shutting down any electrical activity. Calorie burning dropping to 1 per minute. drop 90%. MEN who spend SIX HOURS or more per day of their leisure time sitting A human being is not designed to spend hours hunched up in a chair, looking at screens on a fixed focal plane, and talking on the phone. have an overall DEATH RATE that is about 20 PERCENT HIGHER than the men The DEATH RATE who sit for three hours for women who sit for more than SIX HOURS a day is about 40 PERCENT HIGHER. or less. Research from Alpa Patel, an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society, who tracked the health of 123,000 Americans between 1992 and 2006 A fully height adjustable table system, which provides a wide range of flexibility, can be a decent solution to the health issue: Mental 201 2012 disease By reducing "excessive sitting" to less than three hours a day, the U.S. life expectancy could increase by two years, according to a July 2012 study in BMJ Open. Reducing TV time to less than two hours a day would bump it up by 1.4 years. According to self-reported survey data from almost 3,500 people Sitting time outside of work (watching TV, using a computer, driving, etc.) was negatively associated with mental health for women. Cancer Chronic Metabolic Syndrome kidney disease A study on 6,379 people between the ages of 40 and 75 found that even controlling for physical activity and body mass index, those who sat less had lower risk of having chronic kidney disease. A January 2013 study in the Joumal of Clinical Oncology found that both before and after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer, more leisure time spent sitting down meant a higher risk of death. Obese individuals sit 2.5 more hours a day than lean individuals, according to a November 2009 Obesity study. Sitting more is associated with Metabolic Syndrome, a combination of factors - like abdominal obesity. low levels of "good cholesterol," high blood pressure, - that together push people to a higher risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The study tracked the self-reported habits of more than 2,000 patients with colorectal cancer for up to 16 years after their diagnosis. The most physically active had a 28 percent lower chance of dying than those who exercised less. 42.0% MOVEMENT HEALTHFU of Americans who meet Percentage physical activity guidelines during one year WALKING 30 minutes 5 days 8.0% per day per week 5.6% 3.5% 2.4% (60 minutes per day for children under 16 years) Research from Medicine and Science in Sports and Excercise, 2008, guidelines based on 1995 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Recommendation 12-15 20-59 60 ys and older 6-11 16-19 ys ys ys ys Routinely change your sitting position to reduce excessive loads being placed regularly on the same body parts: you may arrange the desk configuration depending on your current activity: READING WORKING 10°-20° VISUAL PLANE 20"-26" to screen 90° READING PLANE 100°-110° 90° 200 900 WORKING PLANE 90° Distance from the screen Movement and change of posture during the day not only have significant health and well-being benefits, but also support key work scenarios: The correct length is no less than the distance from one's middle finger to their elbow. 20° tilt 26"-28" to screen A study found that users Posture Use adjustable seats in order to drift down different sittng positions. with adjustable desks eventually were only standing 20% of the time. Ambient table height at light or slightly below elbow height Avoid a single light source, as it will burn your freshness and tire your eyes. There are a number of american companies that have given their employees the option of a sitting or standing workstation: AT DISQUS P X AR ANIATION STUDIOS Adobe Sources:

Sitting Vs. Standing Desk

shared by Michaelson on Jun 12
Compare the health benefits of sitting vs. standing desks in an office with this informative infographic.


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