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Sitting So Much Should Scare You

SITTING SO MUCH SHOULD SCARE YOU People across the U.S. are sitting almost all day, living an excessively sedentary lifestyle. They don't like it, they know it's bad for them, but they are doing it anyway. How Sedentary is the Typical American Each Day? Sedentary 21 Hours Active 3 Hours Sleeping 8 Hours Sitting at Work 7.5 Hours Watching TV 24 1.5 Hours Leisure Time 1.5 Hours On Home Computer 1.5 Hours Eating 1 Hour Active/Standing 3 Hours Sitting Can Be Uncomfortable The Top 5 Most Common Disrupting Workflow, Focus & Productivity Excuses For Breaks: 36% Going to the bathroom 92% 85% take breaks at work for symptom relief. 1-15 minutes 26% 18% 16-30 minutes 2 Getting a drink 80% 31 minutes to an hour This loss in productivity ranges from: 4% Stretching 64% 1-2 hours Going to the printer 61% say they have a pre-existing medical condition Ib% that is exacerbated by long periods of sitting Getting food 56% Americans Hate Sitting So Much, 67% They Would Rather: of Americans 30% 24% 19% Hate Sitting Go without coffee Give up social Go to the doctor for a week media for a week or the dentist 86% 11% 9% of Americans sit all day at work Give up a Work a vacation day 14-hour day 53% would rather stand more while working than do 30 minutes of cardio a day SITTING EPIDEMIC: We are sitting up to 13 hours a day and research suggests it's wreaking havoc on our health. It's called Sitting Disease. Daily exercise is not enough to counteract excessive sitting. If you are physically inactive, you are at "significant risk"; and if you are physically active, you're still at "high risk." Key fat burners shut off the minute we sit. Every 2 hours spent just sitting reduces blood flow, raises blood sugar and drops good cholesterol levels by 20%. Excessive sitting is cited as a key risk factor in 4 of the top 7 U.S. killers: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some cancers. It is also linked to obesity and early mortality rates. 96% would be willing to stand more to improve their health or life expectancy THE REMEDY: SIT LESS. STAND MORE. START NOW. American Medical Association recommends alternative means to prolonged sitting like standing desks, exercise balls and treadmills. Centers for Disease Control indicates adjustable sit-to-stand products are an effective solution for reducing prolonged sitting. American Cancer Society recommends all public health messages should include both being physically active and reducing time spent sitting. Research shows if people sat 3 hours less a day, it would add 2 years to the average U.S. life expectancy. JUST STAND .ORG Calculate your risk for sitting disease with the JustStand calculator The Ergotron Consumer survey was fielded by indepen- dent panel research firm Research Now from June 21 to June 25, 2013. The responses were generated from a Ergotron JustStand® Index survey of 1,000 people who self-identified as full-time employees. All respondents are age 18 or older and 7% living in the continental United States. The margin of Americans who are aware of sitting disease error for the survey is plus or minus 3.1 percent. Americans who believe sitting too much could lead to early death 74% Americans who believe they could be at risk for sitting disease 48% ERGOTRON

Sitting So Much Should Scare You

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Sitting for most of the day is bad for your health, but many Americans find themselves sitting nearly all day everyday. Reduce your risk of sitting disease and simply stand up for your health.




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