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The Silent Enemy: How PTSD damages our soldiers

Johnson Law INJURY LAWYERS THE SILENT ENEMY How PTSD damages our soldiers Ever since the horrors of World War I, doctors have been helping British soldiers suffering with the enduring psychological effects of combat. But even though Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is better understood, it's on the rise. And many of the serving or veteran military personnel who are diagnosed fail to receive the clinical or financial support they need. Here are some of the shocking facts about how PTSD affects our nation's servicemen and women. FIRST WORLD WAR 65,000 WWI veterans were still being treated for 'shell shock' 10 years later. PTSD IN THE U.S. AFFLICTS... 31 saerans 11% 20 of Vietnam of Afghanistan veterans. of Iraqi war veterans. PTSD IN GENERAL STRESSFUL SYMPTOMS 3 main categories of symptom can occur: Intrusive - Re-experiencing traumatic events Avoidance - Withdrawing inside and avoiding the world 1 in 3 people develop PTSD after a traumatic experience. Hyperarousal - Increased physical or emotional arousal SUICIDE RISKS 50 serving soldiers and veterans committed suicide in 2012, ten more than died in action in Afghanistan. Suicide tt Killed in action tt YOUNG SOLDIERS Under 18s are significantly more likely to suffer PTSD when leaving the forces. 18 23.4 2. 23.4% of Army intake in 2012 were 18 or younger. Soldiers who join at 16 are 2x as likely to die in Afghanistan as those who join at 18. EMBARRASSED AND ASHAMED 3. 93 13 In the field personnel are 3x as likely to admit symptoms if asked anonymously. Over 93% of Veterans are ashamed or embarrassed about their mental health problems. ONAME: ANON On average personnel suffer for 13 years after discharge before seeking help. PARALLEL PROBLEMS THE FORGOTTEN MINORITY 27% 1/5 27% of personnel without enough symptoms for diagnosis still have daily life seriously impaired. 62% of sufferers also have current or past alcohol or drug problems. Only 1/5th of reports include these 'sub-threshold' cases DIAGNOSES COUNSELLING WORKS 11,000 serving military personnel diagnosed with conditions including PTSD. 273 reports of PTSD in 2012. 12 3/4 3/4 of UK Veterans on average resolve rise in cases predicted each year until at least 2018. symptoms with counselling Johnson Law INJURY LAWYERS Johnson Law Supports Soldiers with PTSD for more information visit Design: Bite Digital ( Sources: The Last Ambush, from ForcesWatch, which campaigns for ethical recruitment in the armed forces. - downloadable fact sheet from their site Photo Credits: Jim Linwood, photojojo3, Kalashnikov, Richard Camps

The Silent Enemy: How PTSD damages our soldiers

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real issue for today's military forces. In fact, PTSD cases look to grow by 12% over the next few years. PTSD can have severe and devastating effects for the 11,000...


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