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Signs You Need to Drink More Water

Signs You Need to Drink More Water Tips for Drinking You Feel Tired Your Skin Is Dry More Water Dehydration can cause fatigue, moodiness, and If your skin looks dry, dull, or flaky, or if your lips are chapped, then Add flavor with citrus poor concentration skin may not be getting slices or muddled herbs your the moisture it needs Don't skimp on fluids throughout the day Mark water bottles with Even oily skin can be dehydrated! goals, such as three refills of the water bottle each day Have a glass of water if you feel off your game Try drinking water before or instead of your morning coffee Don't chug-sip to avoid that sloshy feeling in your stomach You Get Migraines You Feel Hungry Track ounces and set reminders with an app have persistent hunger Dehydration can cause a drop in blood pressure, which can lead to a migraine Do you or sweet cravings? You may actually be thirsty! This information originally Drinking enough water may prevent migraines, according to research Drink a glass of water the next time hunger won't subside appeared on®, RETHINK your DRINK choose WATER Begin your morning with a glass of water to kick-start your day Stay hydrated to avoid headaches Your Breath Stinks You Have Dark Urine A dry mouth and stinky breath can go hand-in-hand Clear or pale yellow urine indicates good hydration Saliva helps wash away bacteria and food particles Cloudy yellow, amber, or honey-colored urine can signal mild dehydration Provided by: Sources: Staying hydrated can promote fresh breath Dark yellow, orange, or brown can mean severe dehydration or a medical condition slideshow/signs-need-drink-more-water Drink water if you have dark urine and see a doctor if it persists

Signs You Need to Drink More Water

shared by PenningtonCreative on Jan 05
You shouldn’t have bad breath after brushing your teeth, but if you do, it could be a result of dehydration. Check out this infographic on signs you need to drink more water.


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