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Seven Biggest Mistakes When Clean Eating

180 Clean 7 NUTRITION THE BIGGEST MISTAKES WHEN Cating The 'clean eating' framework is a great starting point for those wanting to improve their health, but it can easily be misinterpreted. The list below outlines the 7 biggest mistakes people make when wanting to 'cleanup' their diet... NOT EATING ENOUGH NATURAL FAT 1 In fact, studies* show how fantastic natural fats are for energy, brain health, glowing skin and reducing inflammation. Try and add more quality fats to each meal. Healthy fats include coconut oil, avocados, butter, cold pressed olive oil, nuts and seeds. EATING WAY TO0 MUCH PROTEIN Is your salad loaded with chicken with a small drizzle of olive oil? This is a classic example of a low carb, low fat, high protein diet. For best results (especially weight loss or health issues) try increasing natural fats with moderate protein and carbs. SWITCHING TO GLUTEN FREE BREAD 3 Gluten free bread isn't the answer as it comes with its own set of nasties. Most high street gluten free breads contain vegetable oils and starches that can dramatically raise blood sugar levels. If great health, energy or weight loss is your goal, avoid the white stuff. NOT EATING ENOUGH FOOD Eating like a squirrel with a few nuts, lettuce leaf and a chicken breast is not the best approach. Vegetables are by far the best slow burning carbs out there so fill half of your plate with them. Combine this with a palm size piece of protein + quality fats for a great meal. 4 SWITCHING TO NATURAL SWEETENERS Alternative 'healthy' sweeteners like agave or honey will give you a fructose fix and will be doing you no favours in the long term. A little natural stevia is a good alternative to help you overcome that sweet fix, but it's better to try and phase out the sweet stuff. OVER EATING PALEO TREATS Common sense is needed here, especially if the treats are bound with dried fruit, agave or honey. Treat yourself to a nice piece of fruit instead of something resembling a cupcake or muffin with a bucket full of fruit syrup thrown in for good measure. 6. GIVING UP BECAUSE OF HEADACHES 7 Ditching the sugar, processed carbs and junk food will result in a headache or two as the body detoxes. Stick with it and the brain fog will lift, your energy will dramatically rise and long-lasting great health will follow - it's worth it! 180 From day one we made it our mission to provide amazing online resources and build a vibrant community of like minded individuals. It's here where we challenge conventional thinking, engage with thought leaders around the globe and share our discoveries along the way. Learn more at Www.180NUTRITION.COM.AU NUTRITION *

Seven Biggest Mistakes When Clean Eating

shared by 180nutritionsub... on Feb 20
This infographic is about the most usual mistakes people commit in their diet. Trying to get lean and fit sometimes causes people to fall into fallacies and misconceptions about eating healthy.


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