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Setting the Record Straight: 8 of the Most Common Drunk Driving Myths

DON'T MIX 'EM 8 of the Most Common Drunk Driving Myths Myth Fact Fresh air does absolutely nothing to improve the lack of alertness caused by alcohol. With the car window rolled down, driving is made easier. Bigger people are able to drink more without it affecting them. Body chemistry, tiredness and the amount of food in your stomach also come into NNN effect. Alcohol is a depressant. Acting as an anesthetic on the central nervous Alcohol is a stimulant. system, the brain is made to function slower. Depending on the situation, driving slower might actually be more dangerous. Driving slower makes up for what alcohol does to the body. Coffee does nothing to rid the body of alcohol. Hyperactivity does not equate sobriety. Drinking coffee is great for getting sober. A little cold water helps to nullify the effects of alcohol before driving. Cold water will do nothing. Only time reverses the bodily impairment caused by alcohol. As long as you stay away from the hard stuff, you're good to drive. Alcohol is alcohol. Believe it or not, beer has the same effect on a person as straight scotch. A couple of drinks actually makes for better driving. Drinking causes cloudy thinking, blurred vision and slower reflexes. It's impossible that any level of alcohol consumption enhances driving ability. Robert J. DeBry ASSOCI ATES

Setting the Record Straight: 8 of the Most Common Drunk Driving Myths

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Just because the consumption of alcohol is a commonly accepted social activity, doesn't mean that it's a practice that can take place behind the wheel of a car. Confused? If so, it's time to take a st...


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