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Seniors Can Wait Longer To Take blood Pressure Meds

SENIORS CAN WAIT LONGER TO TAKE BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS HYPERTENSION AFFECTS NEARLY 1 IN 3 U.S. ADULTS, AND THAT NUMBER IS EXPECTED TO KEEP GROWING. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS, A PANEL OF EXPERTS HAS MADE NEW RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MANAGEMENT. FIND OUT WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE NEW GUIDELINES. NEW BLOOD PRESSURE GUIDELINES The latest recommendations for hypertension management are changing the way doctors approach blood pressure treatment. Adults younger Adults than 60 aged 60+ Now includes Treatment with medication can wait until those with blood pressure is at: conditions like diabetes and I50 90 kidney disease Systolic pressure threshold raised from 140 Target blood pressure: Diastolic pressure threshold remains unchanged <140 90 *Patients currently on medication who are achieving lower blood pressure levels without adverse side effects should IF Studies find no additional benefits to continue treatment treatment at 140/90 First-line treatment options have been expanded to include: Angiotensin- converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors: Angiotensin receptor blockers: Inhibit production of blood- constricting chemicals Ca Thiazide Calcium channel Restrict binding of blood- constricting chemicals to blood vessels diuretics: blockers: Eliminate Reduce the excess salt and water from the amount of oxygen needed by the heart 160 140 180 kidneys 120 200 100 220 80 240 60 260 40 280 WHO IS AFFECTED? / 20 300 For those diagnosed with hypertension, the stakes are high. 77.9 million OF THOSE WITH HYPERTENSION: 7.2% U.S. adults have high blood pressure 2013 2030 82% 75% 53% Prevalence of hypertension are using antihypertensive medication will increase 7.2% between are aware of have their condition 2013 and 2030 their condition controlled to target level Up 4.6% since 2007 THE FUTURE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE TREATMENT The new guidelines remind us that the right medication and lifestyle habits are vital to successful treatment. Lower-risk medications for initial diagnosis Any treatment for blood pressure management should include: A low-sodium Moderate Weight control Stress diet exercise management Previous Drugs with more serious side effects, such as beta Certain medications may work better or recommendations only included diuretics to blockers, should be used in more worse depending on age, gender, and ethnicity treat new patients complicated cases Prehypertension (>120/80) carries up to 2x the risk of a major cardiovascular disease event like heart attack or stroke TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR TO FIND THE BEST WAY TO MANAGE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE. SOURCES>zDdw41/story.html CANADIAN PHARMACY MEDS.COM Providing Alfordable International Medications 1-877-278-5387 |

Seniors Can Wait Longer To Take blood Pressure Meds

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Hypertension affects nearly 1 in 3 U.S. adults, and that number is expected to keep growing. For the first itme in 30 years, a panel of experts has made new recommendations for high blood pressure man...


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