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Self Defense For Women: What Should You Do If You're Attacked?

Self Defense For Women What should you do if you're attacked? In today's society there is a greater risk of being attacked as many of us carry smartphones, tablets and other expensive devices. As females tend to be an easy target it is important to understand some simple self defense techniques to use! 1 in 5 women in the raped! According to the Department of Justice, a low estimate of women being raped every year is 300,000. 54% However, CDC reports the high estimate of women being raped annually is close to 1.3 million. rapes are unreported An ounce of prevention... Travel in groups Whenever possible you should walk around in groups of at least two or three minimum - particularly at night. Be aware of your surroundings A distracted person is a much easier target than someone who looks aware of what is going on. Don't listen to music or look at your phone to "keep busy" when you are outdoors alone. Carry an alarm or a whistle A hand held alarm is best because the attacker could block you using a whistle. Carry the alarm in your hand so you can alert it immediately or even before an attack happens. Hot-spot areas on attacker's body Nose Use the heel of your palm and strike up under the nose. Use all Eyes Gouging, poking and scratching your attacker's eyes will stop them in their tracks. An attacker will let go long enough for you to escape. of your body weight behind the strike. If your attacker is behind you, aim for the nose with your elbow. Neck Rather than punch or slap the area, the technique is called a knife hand strike. Groin Keep your fingers straight and tight together and tuck the thumb just into the palm. Strike the neck on If you are in front of your attacker you can force your knee upwards into the groin. If they are behind you, raise your heel into your assailant's groin or if they are a lot taller than you, an elbow into the groin is just as effective! the side with the side of your hand keeping it stuff to stun them or use an Knee Use your foot to kick the attacker's knee as hard as elbow to assert more damage. possible. Hitting from the side is the most effective because it causes more imbalance. Hitting from the front will cause more severe damage, but may not cause the attacker to lose balance. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE. SHARE THE INFOGRAPH. ASK, SHARE, CONTRIBUTE. ONLINE HEALTH-RELATED COMMUNITY.

Self Defense For Women: What Should You Do If You're Attacked?

shared by tanjat on Jan 18
As females tend to be an "easier" target its important to understand some simple self defense techniques to use!


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