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Seeking Answers About Sepsis

SEPSIS HAPPENS IN THREE STAGES SEEKING ANSWERS ABOUT SEPSIS STAGE 1: SEPSIS (Must have 2 of 3 symptoms to be diagnosed) Body temp over 101 °F or below 96.8 °F Heart rate over 90 beats per minute Respiratory rate over 20 breaths per minutes SEPSIS IS YOUR BODY'S IMMUNE SYSTEM IN OVERDRIVE STAGE 2: SEVERE SEPSIS (Must have 2 of 3 sepsis symptoms plus one of these) Decreased urine output Sudden change in mental status Breathing difficulties Reduced platelet count Abnormal heart function Abdominal pain It occurs when your body overreacts to an infection Your immune system floods the body with infection- fighting chemicals STAGE 3: SEPTIC SHOCK (Must have an existing severe sepsis diagnosis) Very low blood pressure that can't !! be treated with fluids The chemicals cause inflammation, which can cause organs to fail SEPSIS RESPONDS BEST TO EARLY TREATMENT Left untreated, sepsis can be life-threatening Many people who get sepsis are already hospitalized If you are sick at home and have sepsis symptoms, go to the ER PROVIDED BY: Treatments for sepsis include: West Hills Hospital Antibiotics via IV SOURCES: sepsis/home/ovG-20169784 slideshow-sepsis-101 Vasopressor medicines to increase blood pressure Surgery to remove infection Sources, such as abscesses & MED ICAL CENTER WESTHILLSHOSPITAL.COM

Seeking Answers About Sepsis

shared by BrittSE on Jul 24
If you want to fight back against sepsis, it’s best to seek treatment as quickly as you can! See this infographic to find out what types of treatments sepsis will respond to.


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