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The Secrets To Living Longer

The Secrets To LIVING LONGER UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF LONGEVITY! There are three main factors that contribute to a longer life: a healthy diet, regular exercise and maintaining a serene and positive mind-set. A balanced diet is a vital element to live a longer life. DIET CARBOHYDRATES Starchy carbohydrates, like potatoes, bread, pasta and rice should make up a third of everything we consume. FRUIT AND VEG You should be eating at least 7 fruits or vegetables a day! A recent UK-based study found that eating seven or more portions a day reduces the risk of death by natural cause by 33%.1 MEAT AND DAIRY A great source of protein and calcium, four to five servings of semi-skimmed milk, cheeses and lean meat are recommended. Milk SUGAR Naturally occurring sugars can be good for the body. It's the intake of foods with added sugar, such as sweets and fizzy drinks that need to be reduced. Instead of buying a can of soda, why not opt for a bottle of water instead? REDUCE INTAKE FATS There are two types of fat: UNSATURATED FATS: Found in oily fish, nuts and seeds - provide essential fatty acids and can help to lower cholesterol. Try to cut down on foods that are high in saturated fat and instead, replace them with smaller portions of foods that are rich in unsaturated fat. SATURATED FATS: Found in butter, cheese and cakes - raise cholesterol levels and increase the chance of heart disease. Certain foods can have a bigger impact on our health than others: SUPERFOODS! KALE Steamed kale can help the body detox and aid in the removal of unwanted chemicals. OLIVE OIL Two spoonfuls of olive oil a day can lower your cholesterol. BERRIES AVOCADO These bite-sized treats are teaming with antioxidants, which can give your immune These fantastic fruits can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. system a huge boost. EXERCISE Staying active is a great way to improve your lifestyle and increase your chances of a longer lifespan. There are several things you can do each day to keep yourself active, wherever you are: to GYM GO FOR A P OWER WALK TAKE UP YOGA It's a lot less strenuous than running, and keeping at a brisk pace at moderate intensity can burn the same amount of calories as jogging. Relax your mind, body and soul by taking yoga classes. JOIN YOUR LOCAL GYM BIKE TO WORK Stay fit and save the environment by cycling to work every day. Find your nearest sports facility or gym and sign up. There are plenty of classes available to get you into the swing of things. ACTIVITIES TO AVOID Certain activities and vices can have a detrimental effect onyour lifespan: 1.1.1. SMOKING EXCESSIVE DRINKING DRUG USE Cigarettes can cause heart disease, increase the risk of a stroke and trigger several forms of cancer. Over-indulging in alcohol can cause brain, liver and stomach damage. Narcotics can seriously threaten your immune system, leaving your body more susceptible to illness. MENTAL HEALTH Mental health plays a huge part at all stages of life. Here are a few tips to help clear your mind, relieve stress and smile more. KEEP A JOURNAL MEDITATE SOCIALISE Keeping a record of your day- to-day activities is a great way to manage stress and reflect on day-to-day decisions. Take a moment every day to calm yourself and clear your head. It's easy to get so busy with work that we forget to take some time to enjoy ourselves and spend time with friends. NUTRITION FOR THE BODY AND THE BRAIN Vitamins and nutrients play a massive role in delaying the effects of aging. VITAMIN B Purpose: Helps prevent memory loss and protect your nervous system. Found In: Vegetables, eggs, wholegrain bread VITAMIN VITAMIN C VITAMIN Purpose: Reduces oxidation and combats degenerative disorders Found In: Fruit and vegetables VITAMIN VITAMIN D Purpose: Helps maintain healthy bones and boosts energy levels Found In: Cod liver oil, fish, fortified cereals Not getting enough vitamins? There are plenty of supplements that provide an assortment of nutrients in handy tablet form. LIFE EXPECTANCY OLDEST PERSON ALIVE: Name: MisaoOkawa Age: 116 Country Of Origin:Japan Advice: "The secret to living a long time is to eat a good meal and relax" LONGEST LIVING PERSON: Name: Jeanne Louise Calment Age:122, 164 days (1875 - 1997) Country Of Origin:France Advice: "Olive oil, port and chocolate Countries With The HIGHEST LIFE EXPECTANCY Monaco 86.5 Japan 84.6 Andorra 84.2 Singapore 84 Hong Kong 83.8 Life Expectancy By US STATE 81.3 years O 80.0 years + O 79.5 years + O 78.4 years + Highest: Hawaii 81.3 years 77.2 years + 75.0 years + Lowest: Mississippi 75 years The average life expectancy in the US has risen by 8.87 SINCE 1960! 90 80 69.77 70 78.64 60 50 40 30 20 10 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 Females outlive males by almost FIVE YEARS! FEMALES MALES Life Expectancy For American Males Life Expectancy For American Females 77.4 years 82.2 years Created By AntiagingNutrition Antiaging Nutrition is part of the lAS Group, the world's largest supplier of specialist anti-aging products. We are dedicated to helping you access the latest commercial supplements to improve general health and well-being foryou and your family. Visit for more information. ANTIAGING nutrition Sources: countries_by_life_expectancy

The Secrets To Living Longer

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If you're looking for ways to stay feeling young, fit and healthy, this infographic has top tips and ideas to do just that. Includes superfoods, exercise advice and mental health tips. Also includes f...


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