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The Scary Truth About Binge Drinking and Alcohol Poisoning

THE SCARY TRUTH ABOUT BINGE DRINKING AND ALCOHOL POISONING WHAT IS BINGE DRINKING? ALCOHOL POISONING: Men: Binge drinking can result in severe alcohol poisoning 5 drinks in 2 hours Children or adults who intentionally or accidentally drink household products containing alcohol are also at risk for alcohol 1/6 Women: 4 drinks in 2 hours poisoning 1 in 6 adults binge drink 4 times per month 18-34 18 to 34-year-olds are most likely to binge drink Most adults have 8 drinks per binge NOV 01 50% 10%, 92% More than 50% of alcohol consumed in the U.S. is from 90% of alcohol consumed 92% of adults who drink by people under the age of 21 is through binge drinking heavily report binge drinking in the past month binge drinking IF SOMEONE IS EXHIBITING ONE OR MORE SIGNS OF ALCOHOL POISONING: COMMON MYTHS: Stay Awake! Be ready to tell emergency responders how much alcohol was A person cannot "sleep off" alcohol poisoning "Walking it off" does not work Try to keep the intoxicated Immediately call 911 person awake consumed and when A cold shower will not sboer a person up Black coffee has no affect on alcohol poisoning Alcohol poisoning hampers a person's gag reflex and can cause a person to choke on his or her own vomit Keep a vomiting person sitting up or on his or her side to prevent choking Never leave an unconscious person alone Medical attention and time are the only ways to treat alcohol poisoning "SOBERING UP" SEVERE COMPLICATIONS OF ALCOHOL POISONING INCLUDE: SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF ALCOHOL POISONING: Blood alcohol concentration can continue to rise even after a person stops drinking Slow or Irregular Breathing Pale or Blue-toned Vomiting Skin Stopped Breathing Hypothermia Hypoglycemia Alcohol in the intestines and stomach can Low Body Temperature Confusion Seizures continue to enter the bloodstream Stopped Heartbeat Brain Death Unconscious and Can't Be Awakened Damage MIRAMAR GETTING WELL STAYING WELL 00

The Scary Truth About Binge Drinking and Alcohol Poisoning

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Binge drinking can have many serious consequences, not the least of which includes developing a dependency that requires treatment in alcohol rehab centers.


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