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Say no to Tobacco, live a healthy life

LET'S MAKE EVERYDAY WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY Top global tobacco consumers M = MILLIONS 3.11 M 0.91 M 0.72 M 0.64 M 0.63 M CHINA EU INDIA RUSSIA USA SMOKERS WORLDWIDE 10M clgeret tes are consumed 1.3 bin every minute worldwide 1.1 bin of adults consume rd tobacco 1990 2007 10% of the world's tobacco smokers % live 1/6mi of world's tobacco th iliness in India 15% of Indian youth use tobacco in one form or the other 90,000peopie die cach year in India, due to tobacco consumption 600,000 people died of passive smoking in 2011 10 million cigarettes are 120 million people smoke in India consumed in a minute worldwide! 15 billion sold each day! 38 million beedi smokers in India 5 trillion produced and used annually! Each time you smoke, you loose 1 minitue of your life!!! Tobacco consumption in India Male:Female, 200 Tobacco Consumers 20.3% 47.9% Females Tobacco Smoker 2.9% Males 24.3% 0.8% Cigerette Smoker 10,3% Bidi Smoker 1.9% 16% 10 20 30 40 57% of all men and 11% of all women consume tobacco Beedi's account for nearly 85% of total smoked tobacco in India. 34% of tobacco in India is used to make beedis. "Light up your mind, put out the butt" "SAY NO, FORA BETTER TOMORROW" GENOMEDIUM 50

Say no to Tobacco, live a healthy life

shared by GenYMedium on May 31
This infographic is dedicated to World No Tobacco Day!


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