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Say NO to depression this autumn!

Say NO to depression this autumn! Autumn is coming... And many of us feel sad, tired, sleepy. That's the first symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as Autumn Depression. What are its What is SAD? symptoms? How to escape depression this autumn? What is SAD Lasts for the first winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Seasonal Affective Syndrome is characterized by a number of psychosomatic disorders that occur in indi- viduals as autumn advances. Usually subsides when fhe fine weather goes back. Between 4 and 5% of population is affected by this syndrome. SAD is most common between the ages of 18 and 30, although it can develop at any age. It is one of the common causes of absenteeism and a major cause of suicides. Depression usually lasts longer in people living in countries with less light, those located further north. It affects more women than men. ommon symptoms of SÅD eating more than usual, especially craving carbohydrates, leading to weight gain low mood for most of the day, drowsiness loss of interest in your Usual activities loss of libido Trouble concentrating Mood swings and excessive energy in spring and summer Insomnia or lethargy Causes of SAD CH3 The exact cause of SAD isn't fully understood. The following theories have been suggested. H;C -O H&C NH2 Но. HN. CH3 A chemical called Serotonin has a role in mood, appetite and sleep. It's thought that people with SAD may have abnormally low levels of chemicals, such as Sero- A hormone called Melatonin slows down your body clock and affects sleeping and mood patterns. People with SAD may respond to a de- crease in light by producing more Melatonin. но tonin, in winter. OH NH НО но ОН The decline of Dopamine appears to be the most important cause of loss of attention, lack of concentration or lack of interest in things. Treatment of SAD Treatment for SAD is similar to other forms of depression. find time each decorate your home in light colors, which reflect the light better day to get outside work in bright conditions, such as near a window leave any major projects until summer and plan ahead for winter take regular, moderate exercise or physical activity learn relaxation techniques do not put yourself under 1. SELF-HELP stress eat a well- balanced diet take a holiday in a sunny place if you can Your GP may recommend the same antidepressant medicines that are used Antidepressants work best for SAD if you start taking them before your symptoms begin and keep taking them until spring to treat other forms of depression 2. Medicines feel – the emotional think (cognitive processes) - such as unwanted, negative thoughts and beliefs response you have to your thoughts behave - your behavior in response to those thoughts and feelings 3. Talking therapies Talking therapies are also available, which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This can help you change how you: a specially made light box – these vary in size dawn simulators - timed bedside lights that mimic a sunrise to wake you gradually, which can help if you find it hard to wake light caps that are worn on visors up in winter 4. Other treatments your head Light therapy (also called Phototherapy) Bright light can be delivered by: Designed by: Sources: Info Graphic DESIGN TEAMU

Say NO to depression this autumn!

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Did you ever feel fatigued, irritated, restless and bored at the onset of Winter? Hmm... That means you’re SAD. :) Not literally though, but you are definitely suffering from SAD - Seasonal Affectiv...


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