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Saving the World Through Water

SAVING THE WORLD THROUGH water THE WORLD IS DYING OF THIRST Unsafe water is the Every year #1 KILLER OF LIFE 34MILON DIE from water related diseases Every 30 SECONDS A CHILD DIES 780 MILLION PEOPLE from a waterborne illness lack access to clean water more than 2x the population of the U.S. An American taking A 5 MINUTE SHOWER uses more water than the average person in a slum uses for an entire day 80% of all disease in world is caused by contaminated water More people have a mobile phone than a toilet TOP WATERBORNE KILLER: DIARRHEA Diarrhea is defined as having loose or watery stools at least three times per day Diarrhea kills Diarrhea remains the 2ND LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH more small children than AIDS, malaria and measles among small children globally combined 80% of child deaths, due to Total number of annual deaths due to diarrhea: diarrhea, occur in Africa & South Asia AFGANISTAN CHINA INDIA 82,100 40,000 MALI 20,900 BANGLADESH 386,000 50,800 NIGER 15 ЕТНIОРТА 26,400 73,700 BURKINA FASO 24,300 KENYA PAKISTAN countries account for almost 4 of deaths from diarrhea among children under age 5 27,400 53,300 NIGERIA 151,700 UGANDA 29,300 ANGOLA DR CONGO 89,000 19,700 of diarrheal deaths worldwide are attributed to TANZANIA UNSAFE WATER, INADEOUATE SANITATION AND POOR HYGIENE 23,900 WATERSTEP Goal: To see the day when no one has to drink unsafe water HOW DO THEY SOLVE THE PROBLEM? ►► THOUGH TRAINING PEOPLE WaterStep focuses on WaterStep trains individuals to provide solutions through water treatment, health and hygiene and sanitation providing solutions to the world's water crisis TIT Offering tools and training for hand pump repair Using simple innovation to Using water to build Teaching health and hygiene practices to prevent waterborne disease Examples include: Equipping for community Utilizing mobile sustainably provide safe water opportunities in micro development and disaster relief technology to educate on business a global platform WHAT HAS WATERSTEP DONE ALREADY? They are responsible for thousands of mini-water treatment plants Ordinary people like you and me can prevent disease & death across the globe Repaired hundreds of hand pumps Trained over 10,000 people globally in water purification, hand pump repair, health and hygiene Provided access to safe drinking water for over 10 million people Helped to bring millions of liters of #safewater to 23 countries through water purification units and mini-water treatment plants Presented by WaterStep Sources N NOWSOURCING

Saving the World Through Water

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This infographic provides a deeper look into how and what we need to do to provide clean water for people around the world.




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