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Save Your Own Life: Drive Defensively Around Trucks

5 Defensive Tips For Driving Around Semi Trucks LBS Other cars weigh significantly less Semi trucks can Be aware of weigh 80,000 lbs. when fully loaded differences and Remain Calm and Alert remain alert to prevent accidents 2. STOP Give Trucks More Room Leave plenty of room behind you when merging in front of a semi truck Trucks need almost Put on break lights to Stop the length of two football fields to stop well in advance before stopping completely Be Aware of Truckers' Avoid driving alongside a semi Truckers can't see Give yourself extra space and speed when passing trucks Blind Spots anything on their passenger side-don't pass on the right 4. 15-20 Semi Trucks Are More Especially when not fully loaded, semi trucks are affected by high winds Research shows that Never drive next a 15-20 mile-an-hour to a semi when Susceptible to Wind it's windy crosswind can blow over an empty truck 5) Semi Trucks Make Wider The height (up to 14'), length and weight of semis make it nearly impossible to turn Sneaking alongside a semi when turning Semis often cut into the other turning lane Turns can be fatal Robert J. DeBry A SSO CI ATES

Save Your Own Life: Drive Defensively Around Trucks

shared by Fusion360-2 on Jul 24
Driving, in and of itself, is a dangerous activity. Sharing the road with semi trucks? That only make the activity all the more petrifying.


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