Saint Louis Outdoor Yoga

OUTDOOR YOGA HOutdoor-Yoga-in-and-around-St-Louis 70 170 MOONEY PARK 200 11a so 9a 6p 9a 8a 9a a AUGUST 25 GUIMISIDA DOWNTOWN 40 9a 9a 9a 30 6p KIRKWOOD PARK 4p 6p 330p SUGAR TOWER GROVE PARK CREEK PARK 44 FRANCIS PARK SU TU 55 TH 2013 SAINT LOUIS IF SA SUNDAY MORNINGS, 9OOAM-10.00AM KRAWOOD PARKO Rie Range Road Korowood MO 63122 Led by Emmet Sehnelg Donations acopted MONDAY MORNINGS 9 30-10 3OAM FOREST PARK-GRAND BASINO Led by Danna Lucas THURSDAY MORNINGS. 9 00-10.00AM FOREST PARKGRAND BASINO Led by Danna Lucas Clues card tor purchase Clans card for purchase TUESDAY MORNINGS, 900AM FOREST PARK-GRAND BASINO Led by Danna Lica Ciass card tor urchese THURSDAY EVENINGS, 63OPM-7SOPM SUGAR CREEK PARKO Dougherty Ferry Rd and Old Des Peres Rd Led by Abby Hernck Donations Accoted SUNDAY MORNNGS, 200-10OOAM TOWER GROVE PARK Net to Tower Grove Farmars Market (The t is ciored on Sun 4sE Magrola Ave SLous. Mitsoun 63no Led by Meer Donationis accepted TUESDAY EVENINGS, 6.0OPM FOREST PARK GRANO BASINO Led by Danna Lucas Closs cord for purchese FRIDAY MORNINGS. 6:30-730AM FOREST PARK-GRAND BASINO Led by Danina Lucas Cas card for purchate SUNDAY MORNINGS, 100-1200PM FOREST PARGRAND BASNO Led by Canna Lucas Class card for purchase TUESDAY EVENINGS. 6.00-700PM FRANCIS PARK . betwen the tennis and handbal court S199 Donovan St. Soint Loun MO 6S100 Led by kim Wen Donations accected FRIDAY MORNINGa, 6.30-730AM TOWER GROVE PARKO Net to Tower Grove Farmers Market the Mt is ciosed on Fndey 456 Magnoa A. St Lous Missoun63no Led by Jacce Kenner Donations acceoted SUNDAY AFTERNOONS 400-5.0OPM FRANCIS PARKO n the garden area at Notingnam and Tamm) 5309 Donovan S Sant Lous MO 6SI09 Led ty Roanne knummenacher WEDNESDAY MORNINGS E10-730AM TOWER GROVE PARK Net to Tower Grow Farmes Masat cthe Ht it clooed on Wed) 45 Magnoe Avw St Lous MisourieO Led by Jocoo Kannor Dorabors occected SATURDAY MORNINGS, 900-10.00AM TOWER GROVE CARK Nest to Tower Grove Farmers Market 4256 Magnoka A. St Lous Msouri 6330 Led by Sat indirs khaisa Donations accepted Donations accepted SUNDAY AFTERNOONS 4:00-500PM MOONEY PARK CFormerty Jackson Park Jackson Vandertbit Asand Deima Biva University City 130 Led by Daielle Trdent Dorations acceoted WEDNESDAY MORNINGS 00-9.00AM FOREST PARK GRAND BASINO Led by Dianna Lucas Class card tor purchase SATURDAY MORNINGS, D.00-10 0OAM GATEWAY ARCH COroundsunder the arch St Loun MO 02 Led by South City YHCA WEDNESDAY EVENNGS 600-7.00PM TOWER GROVE PARKO Net to Tower Grove Farmers Maret 4256 Magnoa Av St Loun Mioun GO Led by Josh H Donations accepted SUNDAY. AUGUST 25, 2013 Rise & Shine for a Cure 108 Sun Salutations Worlds Fair Pavilion in Forest Parke www.slocaorg ntsendishne-forcew00-a tatons OriGin orginagencycom Elonginagency

Saint Louis Outdoor Yoga

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This infographic has hours and locations around Saint Louis mapped for summer outdoor yoga.


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