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Safety Tips of Generator presents GENERATOR SAFETY TIPS 9 Most Important Facts Never Run in Enclosed Areas CO poisoning happens when a considerable amount of CO accumulates in a certain area. Enclosed areas like garages help CO accumulate easier. Refuel the Proper Way Make sure your generator is not running or hot when refueling. Gasoline can ignite when it comes in contact with a scorching generator. Keep away from Rain Generators produce high enough electricity to potentially cause a serious shock. Running a bare generator in the rain is asking for trouble. Use a tent or a shield. Buy a Transfer Switch 0000 4 It's like a motherboard for the generator connecting it to the circuit panel increasing safety while adding convenience. Be careful of Electrical Hazards Use the right type of extension cord in the absence of a transfer switch. Maintain caution and make sure your calculations are correct. Ground Rod A grounding rod grounds your generator and increases safety. Understanding when, how, and when not to use a ground rod is paramount. Quality of Fuel and Safety Do not opt for cheap fuel and do not store the fuel for a long time without the required measures. Do test Runs After you are done with the installation, do a test run to verify if the generator is operating properly. Don't Back feed Your House Back feeding is directing the flow of electricity in the opposite direction of the intended purpose. A reckless act that you should abstain from.

Safety Tips of Generator

shared by supaul77 on Jun 07
The most important 9 safety tips of generator you must follow. After buying a generator we must think about these things on our mind.






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