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Safe Sex On The Go

HOW CAN A WALLET SAVE THE WORLD FROM HIV? IT ALL STARTS HERE yes! yes! yeah! ahh! Ohh! Oh yeah! UNPROTECTED SEX CAN LEAD TO HIV INFECTION and many of us know that yet many of us still abandon condom WHY IS THIS THE CASE? There are plenty of reasons. But there is one reason 3 OUT OF 5 COUPLES HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX because they don't carry condom with them and are too "excited" to "stop" and look for one that might be solved easily. BUTT WEIGHT that's why we present you THE FIASCO HAPPENS BECAUSE the condom in the wallet gets warm and subjected to a lot of rubbing, pressure and friction, especially when the wallet is tucked in SOME OF US CARRY A CONDOM SAFESEXONTHEGO IN THEIR WALLET but once they are about to use it they find the condom deteriorated a wallet that brings you safe sex whenever and wherever you want! No more anxiety with the condom you carry around! the pants' back pocket here's how the wallet looks like 1 TRUSTED STORAGE to store a condom and a 150x3 gram lubricant sachet; made by materials that: (1) keeps the condom in room temperature and dry and away from direct or window sunlight; (2) secures the condom from punctures, constant bending and frictions. BEGINS HERE SAFE SEX 2 EXPIRED-DATE ALARM SYSTEM to remind the owner of the expired date of the condoms stored inside; the owner can set the alarm for the day when the condom expires so that the owner knows when to replace the stored condom and is prevented from using an expired condom; run with one 25 mAh lithium battery deposited inside the box 3 SPEAKER to beep-beep the owner AVAILABLE IN OTHER COLORS SAFESEX ONTHEGO SAFE SEX WHENEVER WHEREVER YOU WANT 2.

Safe Sex On The Go

shared by astoryoftinytraveler on Aug 11
How can a wallet save the world from HIV? With a fair taste of imaginary product, this infographic will tell you how.


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