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Road Traffic Accident Injuries

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT IRIES Gttery During 2011/12 70,897 people were taken to hospital after being in- volved in a road traffic accident. 50,798 were subsequently admitted to hospital for three days or more. The following image details specific body areas injured and the percentage of people who were admitted to hospital as a result IM) irwinmitchell solicitors 95% Of the 1,449 people taken to hospital with head injuries, 140 required rehab. 95% received poor rehabilitation care. 95% 197 people with neck inju- ries were seen at hospital and 19 needed rehabilitation care. Of these patients, 95% received poor care in rehab. 96% Throat injuries caused 237 people to go to hospital and 24 of these patients required rehab. 96% of the patients subse- quently received poor rehabilita- tion care. 95% Of 791 patients seen with shoulder injuries at a hos- pital, 76 needed rehabilitation to recover. 95% of them received rehab care reported as poor. 92% From 110 people who needed hospital visits due to wrist and hand injuries, 12 subsequently required rehab. 92% received poor quality care. 93% Out of 429 patients seen at hos- pital with elbow and forearm injuries, 44 later required reha- bilitation and 95% are reported as receiving poor quality rehabili- tation care. 93% 5,309 patients were seen at hospital with hip and thigh injuries. Out of these, 535 needed rehab and 93% received care of poor quality. 95% Abdomen, lower back and lumbar injuries caused 1,009 hospital visits. 103 of these patients required rehabilitation care, of which 95% was report- ed as poor. 96% Of the 941 patients taken to hospital with knee and lower leg problems, some 94 were referred to rehabilitation. 96% of them had poor rehab care. 100% From 140 patients with ankle and foot injuries seen at hospital, 14 required rehab afterwards. 100% of these patients received poor rehabil- itation care. 100% 43 people suffering multiple body region injuries were seen at hospital and 4 of them subsequently needed rehabilita- tion care. 100% of this rehab care was reported as poor. Of 70,897 people taken to hospital suffering a road traffic accidents injury, 50,798 were subsequently admitted. Of the 50,798 people admitted, 5,588 required rehab of which 5,308 received poor rehabilitation care. THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF REHABILITATION More independent Faster and better living functional recovery for patients August Shorter Potential saving: £1.6m per in-patient stays patient over their lifetime Increases in productive use of time: e.g. a faster return to Reduced costs of support in the community work 11oddng available for rehabilitation Appropriate care and treatments Rehabilitation Financial centres support by Logoopon Source: Cost savings from rehabilitation can come from Economy cost savings

Road Traffic Accident Injuries

shared by jamesrbeer on Nov 21
This graphic details the percentages of people who are admitted to hospital following a road traffic event. It also looks at the positive impact of rehabilitation that insurance can offer.


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