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Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness. IMAGINE BEING BOMBARDED WITH VÕICES FROM INVISIBLE FORCES, AND STRIPPED OF YOUR ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS NOT. YOU DISCOVER YOU CANNOT TRUST YOUR SENSES, YOUR MIND PLAYS TRICKS ON YOU, AND YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS SEEM PART OF A CONSPIRACY TO HARM YOU." Disabilty Adjusted Life Year rates From Schizophrenia by country (per 100,000 inhabitarts). 100 YEARS SINCE THE TERM WAS COINED. It ranks among the top 10 causes of glbal iablity. SHARE SOME Yet still beliefs about schizophrenia (and the people with it) are often wrong. UNDERSTANDING. . WHAT IS IT? A mental disorder that impacts how someone thinks. 1IN EVERY 100 people will experience schizophrenia during their lifetime. Symptoms can appear at any age, but typically start in early adulthood. POSITIVE + NEGATIVE - The most common hallucination is hearing voices that other people don't. They divide into two groups: Delusions and halucinations (Thoughts and experiences that are not grounded in reality- psychosis') Feeling withdrawn, flat or unmotivated The estimated societal cost of schizophrenia in England is £11.8 billion per year. A SPLIT' PERSONALITY? NO. The name derives from two Greek words meaning 'split' and 'mind', but this was intended to describe the rupture in a person's thinking process. The idea of 'multiple' personalities relates to a different disorder. CAN YOU RECOVER? YES. A review of 2000 life histories found: 25% 50% 25% BUT 'recovery' does not have to mean remission. Building meaningful and fulfilling lives is possible by effectively managing symptoms. The right treatment, like medication and talking therapies, can support this. made a full recovery recovered at least partially required long term care WHO DO YOU KNOW? 1 in 10 people hear voices - a minority will go on to have a psychotic episode or longer term schizophrenia. Even acclaimed thinkers and household names have had psychotic experiences. John Nash Zelda Fitzgerald Brian Wilson Jack Kerouac Paul Merton Alastair Campbell (Politician) (Nobel prize-winning mathematician) (Grammy award winning singer of the Beach Boys) (Beat writer) (Writer, dancer & artist) (Comedian writer & actor) ENOUGH SUPPORT? NO. 24 MILLION WHAT WORKS? • PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PSYCHOSOCIAL TREATMENTS Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), arts therapy, family therapy. people worldwide (220,000 in England) are affected by schizophrenia, more than 50% are not receiving appropriate care. Anti-psychotic medication (though this can have serious physical side effects). PHARMACOLOGICAL TREATMENTS 10% 15-20 YEARS Effective treatment doesn't yet mean effective receipt- Only 10% receive a full course of CBT. People with schizophrenia die 15-20 years earlier than average, mostly due to preventable physical conditions. DANGER? NEWS Sensationalist news media exaggerate links between mental illness and criminal violence. AN crime than arrested for one. People with schizophrenia in the community are 14 times more The reality is, violence is more closely linked to alcohol and drug misuse in those with and without mental ilness. THE CAUSE? Historically, it was claimed schizophrenia could be caused solely by poor upbringing. This is a myth. The risk of developing schizophrenia increases if one or more family members The leading theory suggests it develops due to genes combined with life events. Over 10 studies show schizophrenia is more likely to occur in urban areas. are also affected. WHAT CAN YOU DO? THE EXPERIENCE OF STIGMA CAN BE WORSE THAN THE SYMPTOMS THEMSELVES. WE CAN IMPROVE THE LIVES OF PEOPLE SHARE WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA IF WE THIS INFOGRAPHIC UNDERSTAND THE ILLNESS. SHARE UNDERSTANDING OF SCHIZOPHRENIA To find out more about schizophrenia, go to: Rethink Mental İllness. *schizophrenia commission 2012

Rethink Mental Illness

shared by LONO on Feb 20
This infographic was designed for our client Rethink a mental health charity to raise awareness of schizophrenia


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