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Retained Surgical Foreign Bodies After Surgery

Presented by Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attys Visit Bisnar Chase at 1301 Dove Street, #120 Newport Beach, CA 92660 © 1999- 2020 Bisnar Chase Retained Surgical Foreign Bodies After Surgery R etained foreign bodies (RFBS)-also called retained surgical items and operations, readmission or prolonged length of stay, infection or other health unintentionally retained foreign objects (URFOS)–are defined as risks, and even death. Common instruments are needles, knife blades, safety Lobjects retained after skin closure has occurred following an invasive pins, scalpels, clamps, sponges, towels, etc. The single most common left behind procedure. It is estimated that one in every 5,500 procedures involves an RFB, object is a sponge. leading to adverse outcomes for patients, including the need for additional Presented by Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys 1 in 5,500 RFB statistics A recent study in the Joint Commission Journal investigated 308 sentinel events reported to The Joint Commission involving retained foreign bodies (RFBS) between Oct. 2012 and Mar. 2018. The retained objects were as follows: One in every 5,500 procedures involves an RFB, leading to adverse outcomes for patients, including the need for additional operations, readmission, infection or other health risks, including death. Instruments 102 Catheters and drains Clinical manifestation of 52 RFB after surgical procedure Needles and blades 33 Instances of packing 30 Implants 14 Clinical manifestation of RFB Of the 308 total reports reviewed, 28.9% of the URFOS were found in the abdomen Specimens 6 or pelvis-and 83.4% of the total events were objects retained after procedures performed in an operating room. Overall, these events led to the following outcomes: Retained surgical items are much more common atter an emergency surgery or an unplanned change in operation. 211 instances of an extended stay 61 instances of other harm 29 instances of severe temporary harm 2 instances of permanent harm 5 reports of death $70,767 The cost of one RFB averages $70,767 because of the extra care needed. Why surgical inventory count is so important Liability settlements related to RFBS are estimated at $150,000 per patient. Approximately 88% of RFB cases occur in a situation where the instrument counts were declared "correct" Do I have a case? Counting the surgical instruments used during/after the surgical procedure is the obligation of the nurses under a direction of the doctors. Scan with your mobile phone to find out or visit Contributing Factors: I n any given typical surgery, an estimated 250-300 surgical tools are used. The number increases to 600 when a larger surgery is performed, thus cavity and skin are closed. -increasing the chance of the surgeon losing an instrument. The best strategy to prevent retained surgical bodies is good communication in the operation the right to seek injury compensation. Contact our experienced and trusted theatre, systematic counting of materials used during the surgical procedure, California personal injury attorneys at use of tracking devices for electronic sponge counts, and counting before the If you have been injured caused by an organization's negligence, you have BISNAR |CHASE PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS Superior Client Representation Retained Surgical Foreign Bodies after Surgery Valon A. Zejnullahu, Besnik X. Bicaj, Vjosa A. Zejnullahu, Astrit R. Hamza Open Access Maced J Med Sci. 2017 Feb 15; 5(1): 97–100. Published online 2017 Jan 5. doi: 10.3889/oamjms.2017.005 PMCID: PMC5320916 Retained foreign bodies: Can we stem the tide? CARLOS A. PELLEGRINI, MD, FACS, FRCSI(HON), FRCSENG(HON), FRCSED(HON) PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 1, 2019

Retained Surgical Foreign Bodies After Surgery

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The problem of retained surgical bodies (RSB) after surgery is an issue for surgeons, hospitals, and the entire medical team. They have potentially harmful consequences for the patient as they can be ...


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