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Is Remote Healthcare Here To Stay?

TELE HEALTH ealth versus TELEMEDICINE In March 2020, Cleveland Clinic logged over the As states slowly begin to reopen, is telemedicine here to stay? 60,000 HEALTH SERVICES in the Age of Coronavirus telemedicine visits 18X over their monthly average With COVID-19 shuttering non-emergency medical services for several weeks, millions of Americans have turned to virtual appointments and telehealth services Skyrocketing Numbers (For Now) zipnosis CareClix reported a 3,600% increase in virtual visits over which has 20 MILLION users, saw A 50% RISE IN USAGE in March alone 2010-2017: US hospitals use of distance health services JUMPED 2X - How did we get here? just 11-days in February RADIO NEWS 25 Cents April Slow Progress 1924 Over 200 ustrations Edited by H. GERNSBACK According to the American Hospital Association THE RADIO DOCTOR-Maybe! IN THIS ISSUE: Sl Lan FRA In 1924, Radio News Magazine featured an illustration of a physician attending to a patient via video In 1967, The University of Miami's medical school worked with the local fire department to transmit emergency patient data over radio BUT, 21st century advances in technology have fueled the surge in remote healthcare THE 100% RADIO MAGAZINE RADO FURICATI Tech Most Commonly Video Conferencing 59% Used In Telehealth Data Monitoring 47% Communication Based on Healthcare Intelligence Network 's survey of 129 healthcare organizations Smartphone Apps 33% REMOTE HEALTH SERVICES for Providers and Patients Telehealth According to the HRSA*, includes a TELEHEALTH is the use of broad scope of remote healthcare services telecommunication and electronic information for remote health care such as Monitoring of patient clinical data Providing patient education and training Administrative meetings Telemedicine Provides medical services "We can reach more individuals than we were ever able to via virtual visits and use reach before and we can of diagnostic tools Dr. Amy Williams, Executive Dean of keep them safe at home" Practice at Mayo Clinic Telemedicine Benefits Prevents unnecessary Decreases Improves physician Promotes early Emergency Room visits avoidable hospital access with 24/7 treatment intervention readmissions coverage enhancing quality of life Telemedicine Cart Stethoscope Diagnostic tool for auscultation and HD camera Dermascope Handheld visual device Electrocardiogram 12-lead EKG for 1080p with zooming capability for assessment of cardiac assessment skin conditions assessment Pressure-Related Wounds COVID-19 Head-to-toe Chest Pain assessments Arterial/Venous Ulcers Seasonal Flu Dizziness Mental Health Eczema Pneumonia Rapid Pulse assessments Skin Lesions CHF Shortness of Breath Clear face-to-face Psoriasis COPD encounters Fatigue Dermatitis Hypertension Irregular Heart Rhythm Allergic Reaction Palpitation Despite its increasing popularity, some healthcare providers have been slow to utilize virtual technology Why Some Providers Aren't On Board Of those who do, Only 2 in 10 doctors plan to implement virtual appointments 33% 33% are concerned about how to keep data secure* Without training, Just 1 in 10 hospitals have the tech they need for large-scale implementation 36% 36% of physicians worry about increased medical errors* * According to Deloitte 2018 Survey of US Physicians BUT, providers may have to adapt quickly – 60% of patients are interested in utilizing telemedicine* THE FUTURE OF REMOTE HEALTH In May 2020, the World Health Organization warned the novel coronavirus "may never go away" Why Telemedicine Will Rise (Even After COVID-19) PATIENTS USING TELEMEDICINE SERVICES EXPERIENCED: Improved access to care Higher satisfaction with their treatment More connection with physicians 66% 52% 45% PHYSICIANS ALSO SAW BENEFITS FOR BOTH ADMINISTRATIVE AND CLINICAL WORK Improved quality and outcomes of care Potential to refine workflow Increased ability to connect to other practitioners 42% 32% 28% Today's Tools beam MedWand NAtheneTeleHealth SOLUTIONS Beam Medical Robot MedWand Athene Telehealth Diagnostic tool which monitors users' heart Provides virtual but face- Provides 24/7 board-certified to-face interaction for care physician coverage both on and off-site rate, lungs, blood oxygen, respiration, and temperature Minimizes hospital admissions and ER visits Allows physicians to "be" at 4 appointments at once, increasing the number of patients able to be seen each day Increases patient and family satisfaction Collected data is sent in real time to video- Enhances quality and positive ced patient outcomes physicians Transforms medical practice to the new standard of care "Telemedicine technology will transform the future of health care delivery" Gianrico Farrugia, President & CEO, Mayo Clinic Are you prepared for the future of virtual healthcare? Sources: Presented by: NAtheneT WAtheneTeleHealth DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING *Health Resources Services Administration According to Deloitte 2018 Survey of US Physicians image via @Dario_Salvi

Is Remote Healthcare Here To Stay?

shared by NowSourcing on Jul 02
Health services in the age of coronavirus have been extremely digital. However, as states begin to reopen - will telemedicine be here to stay?


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