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Relapse: Phases and Warning Signs

RELAPSE Phases and Warning Signs RETURN OF 1 Concern about wellbeing. DENIAL Denial of the concern. AVOIDANCE & DEFENSIVE BEHAVIOR "I'll never drink again." 3 Defensiveness Compulsive behavior Worrying about others instead of self. Impulsive behavior 6. Tendencies toward loneliness. CRISIS BUILDING 1 Tunnel vision Minor depression Loss of constructive 3 planning Plans begin to fail IMMOBILIZATION Daydreaming 1) and wishful thinking Feeling that nothing can be solved Immature wish to be happy 3 CONFUSION & ÖVERREACTION Periods of (1) confusion 2 Irritation with AT friends 3 Easily angered DEPRESSION Irregular eating habit Lack of desire Irregular 3 sleeping habits. 2 to take action. Loss of daily 4 ARTININ structure. Periods of deep depression. BEHAVIORAL LOSS OF CONTROL AIA Irregular (1) attendance at AA and treatment meetings. Dissatisfaction Development of an "I don't care attitude." 4. %D with life. A Open rejection 3 of help Feeling of 5 powerlessness and helplessness. RECOGNITION OF LOSS CONTROL 1 Self-pity 2 Thoughts of social drinking 3 Conscious lying Complete loss of self-confidence. 4 OPTION REDUCTION Unreasonable (1) resentment Discontinues all treatment Overwhelming loneliness, frustration, anger and tension 3 (4 Loss of behavioral control THE RELAPSE EPISODE (1 Bio-psycho- social damage Initial use Shame and guilt 3 Complete loss of control Helplessness and hopelessness 5 Tips How to Deal with a Substance Abuse Relapse 1. Do not think of a relapse as a failure, just a temporary setback. 2. Refocus your energy and take corrective actions to minimize future relapse risks. 3. Remove yourself from temptation. 4. Use your support system when it is needed. 5. Reflect on the factors that caused the relapse, and then plan on how these can be avoided in the future. Sources: INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY ENationalPositions ALIANT RECOVER

Relapse: Phases and Warning Signs

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No one wants to go through a relapse. Find out more about the different phases and warning signs to watch out for.


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