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Recovery: The Most Neglected Element of a Workout

RECOVERY THE MOST NEGLECTED ELEMENT OF A WORKOUT IT TAKES HOURS то REPAIR WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF RECOVERY? 48 MICROTRAUMA: If you don't recover NOW, your muscles will pay for it LATER. Recovery helps Tiny tears in the muscles Recovery gives the body time to adapt to the strain of re-establish intramuscular blood flow and muscle membrane exercise potential WHEN IS RECOVERY MOST CRUCIAL? HIGH LEVELS OF FATIGUE/DAMAGE AFTER STRENGTH TRAINING WITH WEIGHTS WHEN REGULARLY PARTICIPATING IN COMPETITIONS CSIEB 3. 20 INTENSIVE/EXTENSIVE IF INDIVIDUAL HAS HIGH RISK OF INJURY WORKOUTS RECOVERY TIME FACTORS IN RECOVERY TIME BY WORKOUT AGE RECOVERY TIME INCREASES AS INDIVIDUALS AGE More perceived muscle 30% soreness and greater fatigue are reported in veteran athletes. of muscle mass is lost between ages 50-70 Cycling Triathlon Running DIET Increased days of recovery per hour of racing protein intake for endurance athletes decreases recovery time. TOP 5 BEST WAYS TO RECOVER Drink Hot/Cold Shower Cool Down Stretch Take a Nap Chocolate Milk START BEFORE YOU STOP HOWTO AID IN RECOVERY BEFORE AND DURING WORKOUT WARM UP / STRETCH As worn by Olympian Kara Goucher Enjoy foods like bananas, oats, whole grain EAT RIGHT bread and fruit smoothies WEAR COMPRESSION SOCKS DIscount SurGIcal StockinGS Sources: Your Race_Recovery_Time.htm DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING NNN

Recovery: The Most Neglected Element of a Workout

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 20
Most people neglect the idea of allowing their muscles to recover after a workout.


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