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Recommended Daily Allowance & Safe Upper Limits Explained.

RDA's & SAFE UPPER LIMITS EXPLAINED. R.D.A's S.U.L.'s Safe Upper Limits, are the maximum Recommended Daily Allowance is the amount generally needed for most people to stay healthy. The amount can vary depending on age and gender. amount of vitamins and minerals that can be safely taken daily. They are usually higher than RDA but still safe. Vitamins / Minerals n/a Vit. A: Beta-Carotene 7mg 800mcg Vit. A: Retinol 1500mcg * 1.1mg Vit. B1: Thiamin 100mg 1.4mg Vit. B2: Riboflavin 40mg 16mg Vit. B3: Niacin 500mg 6mg Vitamin B5 200mg 1.4mg Vitamin B6 10mg 200mcg Vit. B9: Folic Acid 1000mcg 2.5mcg Vitamin B12 2000mcg 80mg Vitamin C 1000mcg 5mcg Vitamin D 25mcg 12mg Vitamin E 540mg 50mcg Vit. H: Biotin 900mcg 75mcg Vitamin K 1000mcg * 800mg Calcium 1500mg 40mcg Chromium 10mg * 1mg Copper 1mg 150mg lodine 500mg 14mg Iron 17mg * 375mg Magnesium 400mg 2mg Manganese 4mg 700mg Phosphorus 2500mg 55mcg Selenium 350mcg 10mg Zinc 25mg mg=milligram mcg(or ug)=microgram 1mg=1000mcg * Safety Advice Vit. A: Beta-Carotene - Not recommended for smokers. Vit. A: Retinol - S.U.L. less if you eat a lot of liver. During pregnancy or if trying to concieve only take on medical advice. Vit. K: Phylloquinone - If you take blood-thinning medication such as Warfarin, consult your doctor before taking this. - People with diabetes should consult their doctor before taking this. - Keep out of reach of children, overdose can be fatal. - S.U.L. 0.5mg daily for older people. Chromium Iron Manganese Sources: SimplySupplements Healthy living. made simpler!

Recommended Daily Allowance & Safe Upper Limits Explained.

shared by SimplySupplements on Jan 28
A guide to your recommended daily allowances and safe upper limits of vitamins and minerals. (In the U.K.)


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