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REBOOT - Oxidative Stress

WHAT THE HECK IS OXIDATIVE STRESS? AND WHY SHOULD I CARE? Oxidative Stress (or OXS) is the condition that results when the body does not have enough antioxidants to counter free radicals in your body. Over time, OXS can damage cells, and speed the aging process. NO-OXS You can feel relief from oxidative stress when free radicals are neutralized by efficient antioxidant defenses. OXS NO-OXS GOT IT! WAIT. WHAT ARE FREE RADICALS? FREE RADICAL Free Radicals are unstable molecules that feature atoms with electrons that are NOT in pairs. This makes electrons upset and lonely, since they like to be in pairs. So they go looking for OTHER electrons to pair with, and they'll "steal" them from nearby atoms. And this process keeps repeating and before you know it, you're overrun with atoms without paired electrons. When this happens, cells get attacked and we say that those cells are "oxidizing." LONELY ELECTRONS FREE RADICALS LEAD TO: Cell damage, cell death, fatigue, and accelerated aging. Ugh. "I'm lonely. I think l'll go steal some electrons from healthy molecules." EEEK! WHERE DO FREE RADICALS COME FROM? They're produced in the body when you're exposed to external producers of oxidative stress. Here are the usual suspects: Check this out: even things you don't normally consider harmful can be oxidative stress inducers. Oh boy. O OVER DRINKING Fun in the Sun? You know what happens when you don't wear sunscreen, right? Well, the sun can also damage your INSIDES too. No SPF can That's right, party animal: aside from what mom told you, all that smokin' and drinkin' is gonna give you free radicals! SUN EXPOSURE block free radical production from UV rays exposure. OXS EXERCISE Y". SMOKING Overindulgence: if you've had too much to drink or eat, your body feels icky. That's because it's under attack That's right, fitness nut: exercise is good for you, but it also creates free radicals! That's why you feel sore and tired after a POLLUTION from free radicals! The faster you fight them off, the sooner you'll feel better. workout, run, bike ride or yoga session. Neutralize free radicals and you'll enjoy a faster recovery, and less soreness O PROCESSED FOOD Chill! even stress creates free radicals in your body. Now, say "ommmm." YIKES! WHAT CAN MY BODY DO ABOUT IT? THE GOOD NEWS: "PSSST...MAY I OFFER YOU Antioxidants are basically atoms in the body that "donate' electrons to free radicals to get them to chill out and behave nicely, before they attack cells. Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, and your body produces them naturally as well. Yay! SOME FREE ELECTRONS?" THE NOT SO GOOD NEWS: As you get older, your antioxidant system slows down. Bummer. Here's how: Your body's natural antioxidant production Accelerated Aging Starts Here Right about the time your body's natural antioxídant production can't combat free radical accumulation Levels of free radical accumulation in the cells YOUR AGE: 10 20 30 40 50+ Your body is a well-oiled antioxidant production machine well into your 20's. Free radicals don't stand a chance against this natural defense. But as you age, your antioxidant system slows down and you have an increasingly harder time fighting free radicals. As a result, your body begins an accelerated aging process. NOT a coincidence. WAIT. WHY DO HEALTHY CELLS MATTER? Healthy cells lead to a "new you." Literally. Research suggests that our bodies are in constant flux. When you have healthy cells, you function better in the short term, but you also enable your body to rejuvenate itself in a stronger way. As your body regenerates on its natural cycles, healthy cells make a healthier “new" you: SKIN Your outer layer of skin replaces itself every 35 days! SKELETAL STRUCTURE The bone material in your body is regenerated every 3 months! LIVER On the cellular level, you basically have a new liver every six weeks! STOMACH One of the fastest changes in your body, you get a new stomach lining every 4 days! New You: the entire human body, down to the very last atom, is completely regenerated every 5 to 7 years. I'M DOOMED! I'M AGING! WHAT TO DO? Hold on, there. Even though you can't stop free radical production, you CAN supplement your antioxidant system in a number of ways. Here's how! Try to limit your exposure to high oxidative stress inducers. Exercise less strenuously, limit your intake of processed foods and alcohol (you know, as an every day thing,) lay off the cigarettes, use sunblock, and you're well on your way. 1. 2. Increase your intake of antioxidant-rich foods. Start eating! Brightly colored fruits and vegetables, beans, dark berries, dark chocolate, spices. See? This isn't so bad after all. But it won't do the whole job. See step 3 to maximize your efforts - Use REBOOT. 3. Of all the antioxidant supplements out there, only REBOOT has clinically proven anti-aging properties that boost your own antioxidant system'. REB0OT combats oxidative stress with an ALL-NATURAL blend of 7 naturally powerful fruit and plant antioxidants, and you carry it in the coolest, easy-to-use-and-enjoy package anywhere'! DIETARY SUPPLEMENT REBOUT COMBAT OXIDATIVE STRESS Bund of 7 naturally powerfd cleicaly ree ationidant-rich fruit and peus: The best of the best! REBOOT contains the essential PROMOTES ELIMINATION OF FREE RADICALS antioxidant enzymes like Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which has been referred to as the "mother of all antioxidants." FEEL BETTER TODAY ZIVE BETTER TOMORROW ALPENROSE CLINIC" MET WEIGHT 66g. POWDER 0.21 OZ (6g). ULTRA PURE WATER 24 OZ (60 ml). CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce cellular damage by 47% and protect DNA after just one month of use'. NOW, GO ENJOY THE ANTI-AGING AND LONG-TERM HEALTH BENEFITS OF REBOOT! Start living! Once you start giving your body the antioxidant boost it needs, you'll have more energy, less fatigue, and less cell damage EVERY DAY'. You'll actually be taking control of your aging process by limiting free radical accumulation'. With REBOOT, you'll feel better today and live better tomorrow! Available at a local retailer near you, or online at: Learn more neato stuff at! IThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. FREE RADICALS A HAIH ANTIOXIDANTS STRESS AIR TRAVEL FREE RADICALS ANTIOXIDANTS

REBOOT - Oxidative Stress

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REBOOT antioxidant provides proven anti-aging and free radical-fighting properties with an all natural blend of 7 naturally powerful fruit and plant antioxidants. Learn more about oxidative stress wi...


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