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The reasons why most diets fail

The reasons why most diets fail Most diets use a one size fits all approach © This one-size-fits-all approach most diets use has clearly failed to reduce obesity and cardiovascular disease for large segments of our population. Like all other universal dietary recommendations, it overlooks the enormous amount of Ever notice how some diets work for some, and not for others? biochemical and physiological diversity among individuals. Poor support structure "Behind every good man is a good woman"? Better Said "Behind every success is a fostering and challenging environment". Negative influencers O Drag you into their bad habits O Don't want you to succeed O These are the so called "friends" will constantly question: "You can't achieve this", "What is the point?", “I like my life as it is" "Surround yourself with friends and family who will challenge you, and help keep you accountable so you can get success". Unrealistic expectations / Slow Weight Loss Want the movie star body? Want shapes like mine? In reality if you are 50lbs overweight and give yourself 5 weeks to ripped abs or tight buns, you are quite simply setting yourself up for failure. An Example Don't forget that your weight is down to years or even a lifetime of conditioning. Because of that you can't expect to just drop it all in a matter of weeks. Focus on losing 1-2 pounds per week, and you'll be happier in the long run Not Eating Enough Popular diets favor starving in order to get fast results. The problem is that when you don't eat enough calories your body goes into survival mode and this affects your hormones, your mood, can cause headaches, will tempt you to snack on unhealthy foods, and prime the body into storing fat instead of burning it. Dieting as a Short-Term Solution Instead of Changing Your Lifestyle Many popular diets are short term. Successful people don't diet, they undergo a lifestyle change. If you are one of those people that has a hard time dieting, what are you going to do when your diet is over? You need an action plan to change your lifestyle, and compound results for the long term. Poor Nutrition Poor food choices lead to a lack of important nutrients which are not only vital for important body functions, but will actually slow down your metabolism. Diet Foods Taste Bad Most diet foods you can buy in shops taste really bad. From low fat cheeses, to low calorie or low fat alternatives laced with lots of artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives. And lets not even talk about meal replacement shakes... Instead opt for real foods, and prepare meals at home with ingredients you know instead of buying ready made "diet" alternatives. Lack of Exercise Although it is possible to lose weight through diet alone, including some exercise in your day will pay dividends throughout the year. Working out will not only boost your endorphin levels, improve fat burn, but supercharge your energy levels which will make you feel great. You Don't Track Progress Studies have found that tracking your progress can not only double your weight loss, but help stay motivated when things don't seem to change. By knowing what your goal is and having a measurable way of tracking progress will ensure you're on the right track to success. 90 00 Need help with any of these factors? Then check out today for infographic presented by your personalised diet plan. designed to fit you

The reasons why most diets fail

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This infographic presented by teaches us a valuable lesson not to fall for the trap of one size fits all diets. Join the Fitium movement and reach your ideal weight naturally. En...



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