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Reasons People Start Smoking

Reasons Why People Start Smoking You don't have to look far to discover the health risks associated with smoking. Just Google 'smoking' + 'health risks' and a world of information is at your fingertips, this should be enough to put you off smoking for good. A fresh wave of people are introduced to smoking each year though, what could posses them to start smoking in the first place? We have a few ideas at Vaporman. Some of these suggestions are directly linked to this addictive habit, if you smoke, did you start because of any of the following? Peer PressuUre Got mates that think it's cool to smoke? Teenagers in particular are subjected to peer pressure, if a large group of your pals smoke and you choose not to, you could feel like the odd one out. 00 Stick to your guns though. Your pals might think it's cool to smoke but they really aren't considering the damage they are doing to their lungs and health in general. Family influences Do you have parents that smoke? If so, the chances of you starting smoking are increased because studies show that children that come from a smoking family are more likely to take up the habit as well. Make a difference. Just because your parents smoke you don't have to follow in their footsteps. Stress For people not suffering from severe mental illness, cigarettes may still become a form of self-medication. For decades, soldiers have taken up smoking on the battlefield to deal with wartime stress, for example. Many people experiencing much lower levels of stress -- in a high-pressure job, for example - may start to smoke as a way to manage the tension and nerves associated with the situation. Unfortunately, these people may find that they can't easily give up tobacco once the stress passes. The tobacco becomes a psychological -- as well as chemical -- crutch, as any potentially stressful situation sends them instinctively reaching for a cigarette. The tool they had used to alleviate stress suddenly becomes a stressor in itself, as they shift from fighting through a difficult situation with the help of nicotine to fighting the nicotine itself Social Rewards This reason for smoking is tied to peer pressure, although it's a little more complex and has the potential to affect more than just peer-pressure- sensitive tweens and teens. In short, social rewards are the "gifts" people feel they receive when participating in a group activity. Most often, this means some form of acceptance: Smokers at an office building who take cigarette breaks at similar times may bond while they smoke. Likewise, the relationship struck when one smoker asks another, "Got a light?" gives the participants a feeling of acceptance and camaraderie Misinformation Tobacco advertising has come under close scrutiny -- and very strict regulation But a mix of populc advertising and simple misinformation still abound about tobacco and smoking. In some developed countries, in fact, misinformation about smoking runs very deep and works directly against public health efforts to curb tobacco use. in the United States in recent decades. cultural beliefs, lingering effects of Likewise, there are myths that abound among smokers: that so-called "light" cigarettes are less harmful than others, or that certain brands of cigarette aren't as dangerous as other brands. This attitude may keep them smoking longer, as they switch to "safer" cigarettes, rather than quitting, to try to avoid the health consequences of their addictions Brought to you by Sources:

Reasons People Start Smoking

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You don’t have to look far to discover the health risks associated with smoking. Just Google ‘smoking’ + ‘health risks’ and a world of information is at your fingertips, this should be enoug...



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