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Real Life Zombies

REAL LIFE ZOMBIES CAUSES ANDD SYMPTOMS While dead humans simply can't come back to life, many viruses and parasites can induce violent, zombie-like behavior. RABIES 28 DAYS LATER'S "THE INFECTED" Viral disease transmitted through contact with infected arm-blooded animals. Caused by a blood borne "Rage Virus" on live humans. SYMPTOMS SYMPTOMS Anxiety, Insomnia, Aggressive Behavior, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Transmitted Through Blood, Saliva & Urine,vEnhanced Speed, Glowing Eyes Anxiety, Insomnia, Aggressive Behavior, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Depression, Fear of Water, Transmitted Through Blood, Saliva & Urine WALKING DEAD'S "WALKERS Caused by an unknown airborne virus that causes dead to reanimate (bitten or not) CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB DISEASE SYMPTOMS Fever/Chills, Hallucinations, Dilated Eyes, Violent Behavior, Delirium, Reanimation CJD is theorized to be caused by a protein called a prion causes nomal pro to fold abnormally. This affects the other proteins' ability to function. SYMPTOMS Speech Impairment, Personality Changes, Lack of Coordination, Dementia, Documented in New Guinea Women Who Ate The Brains Of Dead Relatives RESIDENT EVIL'S "LAS PLAGAS" Caused by ancient parasites able to take control of live human bodies. SYMPTOMS Cardiac Dysfunction, Aggressive Behavior, Mental Enhanced Strength, Mutations and Growths SLEEPING SICKNESS Deterioration, Caused by trypanosome parasites delivered through tsetse fly bites. SYMPTOMS Confusion, Muscle Atrophy, Insomnia, Anemia, Cardiac Dysfuction, Aggressive Behavior, Mental Deterioration EFFECTIVE KILLERS Mortality 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% SMALL BUBONIC CHOLERA SARS ANTHRAX POX PLAGUE ZOMBIE VIRUS NEAR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SMALL POX BUBONIC PLAGUE CHOLERA Transmission occurs through inhalation of an airborne virus. It is also transmitted from one person to another primarily through prolonged contact with an infected person, usually within a distance of 6 feet. The most well known epidemic was the Black Death when it took the lives of 25 million in Europe alone and another 50 milion across the world. The bubonic plague is often characterized by swollen lymph nodes though the modern world has seen few breakouts. Cholera is contracted from consuming infected food or water. Untreated, the disease will progress from massive diarrhea to shock in 4-12 hours and possibly death within 18 hours. In its most severe form, cholera can kill within three hours. SARS ANTHRAX ZOMBIE VIRUS SARS has seen only one major outbreak in Asia a few years ago. Supposedly the Chinese government created a vaccine that was effective in about two-thirds of the test groups; however, outside of that many of the treatments have proven to cause just as many problems as SARS itself. Anthrax is transmitted via inhalation of spores or eating animals who have ingested the anthrax spores. Upon contamination, the deadly bacteria multiples and destroys the host by producing toxins. This virus is transmitted through contaminated bodily fiuid as well as contaminated food and water sources. Causing spasms in the extremities for the first hour until death. Quick amputation of an infected limb is the only known measure to treat this virus. SOURCES: National Geographic | The CDC The Walking Dead | Resident Evil | 28 Days Later || All belong to their respective owners.

Real Life Zombies

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Infographic to map real diseases with fictional zombie causes on the human body.


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