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Rating radiation

RATING RADIATION Acute dose an absorbed dose of more than 100 mSv COMPARING RADIATION SOURCES AND THEIR EFFECTS ON HEALTH in less than a couple of days Chronic dose a relatively small absorbed dose received over a long period of time Chernobyl core explosion 300.000 mSv /h Atomic bomb crater region 30.000 mSv/ Fukushima core SOURCES GAUTION peak rate Chernobyl workers average dose 1000 ENTE mSv / Fukushima main gate peak rate (100m) 170 with their dose rates mSv /h in mSv / hour Current Chernobyl grounds rate 1.000.000 11 mSv /h 100.000 Fukushima 20 km evacuation zone 0.3 mSv /h msv /h 10.000 Nuclear workers international limit 01 1000 Flight from New York - Tokyo mSv /h 0.001 100 age background radiation 0.0002 mSv/h mSv/h 10 Use of a CRT screen .000000114 mSv /h 0.1 0.01 0.001 0.0001 0.0001 0.001 0.01 0.1 mSv Effects unknown but considered potentially damaging to the human body 10 100 >0.01 1000 msv Increased potential for development f cancer and cataracts | 10.000 100.000 >100 msv Radiation poisoning 1.000.000 EFFECTS 8000 msv Hemorrhaging, dementia, bone marrow destruction Itching, nausea, low blood cell count B0.000 of absorbed doses in mSv msv Instant death Stochastic effects 700 delayed effects may occur years after radiation dose is received Vomiting, forming of tumors 4000 Nausea, infection of lymph nodes, hair loss 20.000 Destruction of intestines, cognitive impairment, coma Deterministic effects Sources: World Nuclear Association / Jefferson Lab / US Department of Energy Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Nuclear Science and Engineering Idaho State University / Radiation Effects Research Foundation prompt effects occur soon after radioactive exposure Note: Risk of harm is dependent on both the dose and the dose rate; the time the body is exposed to that dose (one hour is taken as a standard this graphic). A dose of 1,000 mSv over an hour is considerably more damaging than a dose of 1,000 mSv over a year. Made by: Jeroen Gommers /09 - 2011

Rating radiation

shared by JeroenGommers on Nov 19
Print infographic on the subject of radiation. Without going into too much detail, this chart aims to show a clear and simple overview of radiation sources and radiation effects on health. By compari...


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