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Quick Check STD Statistics

Quick Check: STD Statistics 65 Million Americans are thought to be living with an STD 19.7 Million 1in4 new sexually transmitted infections (STIS) Occur every year in the U.S. Americans will get an STD in their lifetime 50% of new STDs in the U.S. occur in young people 100% ages 15-24 80% of people who catch an STD will have no noticeable symptoms 12,000 24 American teens catch an STD or STI TT become infertile each year due to undiagnosed STDS Million Women each day HIV 1.2 Million + people are living with HIV/AIDS in America 50,000 25 Million + Americans will become infected with HIV each year people have died of AIDS worldwide since 1981 44% of new HIV diagnoses are among African-Americans 64% of the women who are HIV+ are African-Americans 100% 25% of the HIV+ population 21% of those who are HIV+ are women are undiagnosed Days Test can detect HIV 28 days after infection, a "Recent Exposure" HIV by PCR test can detect HIV SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 29 30 31 Herpes 776,000 people in the U.S. get new herpes infections every year 100% 50 Million Americans have genital herpes 85% of those infected with genital herpes don't know it Gonorrhea 700,000 Americans will become infected with gonorrhea each year 69% of reported gonorrhea cases are among African Americans 100% 90% of all cases of oral, or throat, gonorrhea have no symptoms Chlamydia 1,412,791 -75% of the women who have chlamydia don't know it cases of chlamydia were reported to the U.S. CDC in 2011 100% Syphilis 33% Ii 72%. of people who have syphilis, and don't treat it, suffer from complications 100% of new cases of syphilis are among men who have sex with men Hepatitis 25% Americans are already infected with of the cases of chronic hepatitis B, if untreated, can lead to fatal liver failure hepatitis B 100% M MM 50% of the time, hepatitis B is spread through sexual contact Tests 61% of men and 48% of women in the U.S. 48% 61% have never been tested for STDS other than HIV 1unsafe sexual contact can lead to an STD or HIV Now.You know. PERSONA L ABS Visit for a full range of STD and sexual health tests. Million +

Quick Check STD Statistics

shared by PersonaLabs on May 03
Infographic to show STD stats in USA at a glance. 1 in 5 Sexually Active People has an STD. If you're a woman, your chances are 1 in 4. These aren't great odds. But the fact is that most sexually tra...




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