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Put Your Best Foot Forward: How a Podiatrist Can Help You!

PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD HOW A PODIATRIST CAN HELP YOU! WHAT DOES A PODIATRIST DO? Diagnoses, treats, and prevents ailments of the lower legs, ankles, and feet Works with patients to provide Performs surgeries only when absolutely conservative care necessary FOOT PROBLEMS YOUR PODIATRIST CAN TREAT CORNS At a glance: Buildup of thick skin on the toe Causes Treatments • Wearing square-toed footwear • Excess pressure, sometimes from tight-fitting shoes • Abnormal bone shape • Heredity • Debridement • Minor surgery RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS At a glance: • Inflammation of the joints, especially in the hands and feet • About 10 million people in the U.S. are affected • Affects 2-3 times 10 MILLION more women than men Treatments Causes • Exact cause is unknown • Research suggests it is an • Pain relief with anti-inflammatory or steroidal medications • Custuu ULliuLiLs • Molded orthopedic shoes • Joint replacement surgery autoimmune disorder BUNIONS At a glance: • Bump on outside edge of big toc • Affects 3 times more Causes • Heredity • Tight-fitting footwear • Arthritis • Flat-footedness women than men Treatments • Wearing shoes with a larger toe box • Pads to relieve pressure on the bunion • Custom orthotics for arch support • Minor surgery PLANTAR FASCIITIS At a glance: • Inflammation of the ligament that attaches to the heel bons • Results in pain in the heel and arch •2 million Americans experience it every year 10% of Americans will experience it in their liferimes 90% of cases are tveated successfiully without surgery 90% Causes • Unsupportive footwear • Abnormal weight distribution • Arthritis • Injury Treatments • Corticosteroid injections • Anti-inflammatory medications • Physical therapy • Shock wave therapy • Custom orthotics • Minor surgery HAMMER TOES At a glance: • One or more small toes bend under instead of pointing straight • Typically appears in the 2nd through 5th toes • Corns may form on the tops of the joints Causes • Congenital conditions • Heredity • Arthritis • Short or pointed shoes Treatments • Wearing shoes with a deep toe box • Protective toe pads • Soft tissue surgery • Soft tissue and bone surgery for more severe cases Infographic provided by: Dr.Siegerman & Dr.Spector ACCURATE FOOT & DIABETIC CARE Sources:

Put Your Best Foot Forward: How a Podiatrist Can Help You!

shared by BrittSE on Apr 18
Do you have bunions? Did you know that your genes, tight shoes, arthritis, or even flat-footedness could be responsible for them? Check out this podiatry infographic to learn more about common foot co...


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