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Public vs. Private Healthcare Around the World

PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE HEALTHCARE AROUND THE WORLD HEALTHCARE EXPENDITURE PER CAPITA, 2000-2007 2000 2007 7500 7000 IN 2007, THE AVERAGE COST OF HEALTHCARE F6.500 IN THE US WAS NEARLY $7,500 PER PERSON. B6,000 THIS IS MORE THAN TWICE THE COST OF 5500 MANY OTHER WEALTHY NATIONS. A5.000 4500 $4.000 12500 JAPAN UNITED KINGDOM AUSTRALIA FRANCE GERMANY CANADA SWITZERLAND UNITED STATES 82% 87% 79% 76% 70% 44% 68% 17% % OF HEALTHCARE PAID BY GOVERNMENT 15 WEEKS FULLY PAID 12 WEEKS 16 WEEKS 26 WEEKS FULLY PAID UNPAID FULLY PAID $$$$ $$$$$$$$ UNITED STATES CANADA FRANCE UNITED KINGDOM MATERNITY BENEFITS COMPARISON 700,000 $1500 AMERICANS ARE FORCED INTO BANKRUPTCY BECAUSE OF MEDICAL BILLS EVERY YEAR In France, the number of medical bankruproes United Kingdom: ZERO. Japan: ZERO. Germa $100 ZER ZERO JAPAN UNITED STATES MRI COST COMPARISON 20% THE US SPENDS ALMOST FOUR TIMES AS MUCH ON ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS AS OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS 3% 4% 4.8% 5% 5% 6% UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE SWITZERLAND JAPAN GERMANY CANADA UNITED STATES ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS (AS % OF TOTAL MEDICAL SPENDING) ALL INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE UNITED STATES, IMPLEMENT SOME FORM OF UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE: GOVERNMENT OPERATED, GOVERNMENT (TAX) FUNDED PRIVATELY OPERATED, GOVERNMENT (TAX) FUNDED PRIVATELY OPERATED, GOVERNMENT REGULATED In the United Kingdom, healthcare is provided by the British National Health Service (NHS). Citizens choose their own doctors or can visit an NHS Walk-in center for minor health problems. The NHS helps to pay for dental care, opticians, medical equipment and The French are covered by public health insurance, which is includod in France's social security entitlement program. This public health insurance also helps cover prescription drugs. According to the National Coalition on Health Care, coverage is provideod through a combination of employer/employee contributions and In Switzerland, residents are required to purchase c health insurance. Insurers are required to offer this basic insurance to everyone, regardless of age or medical condition. These private insurance companies are not allowed to make a profit off of this basic coverage, but are allowed to profit basic h prescription drugs. personal income taxes. from supplemental plans. SOURCES WHS10 Full pdf INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY: MPH DEGREE PROGRAMS.COM DESIGNED BY KILLER INFOGRAPHICS 000000000000000 00000000

Public vs. Private Healthcare Around the World

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This graphic is one that we designed on behalf of MPH Degree comparing public and private healthcare around the world in the US as well as other industrialized nations. Here are some inte...


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