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Psychosocial and emotional effects of acne

LET'S BEAT ACNE! WITH NERD This is Jessica. She's an 18 year old track star. But she can't outrace acne. Or can she? DID YOU KNOW? Approximately 85% of people ages 12-24 have experienced some form of acne. 85% 18 Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from it! 19 21 50M O00 SHE CAN... GET 75% DEPRESSED She covers her acne with makeup and hides behind her hair. She avoids people, eye contact... and track practice. According to studies, more than 75 percent of participants agree that acne make them feel less confident, more self-conscious around other people, frustrated, and embarrassed. GET TO A DRUGSTORE (OR GET TO A FACIALIST) ППT She uses an OTC product containing Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. Ouch! They make her face so red and irritated, she can't concentrate on training. Also, according to the FDA, BP and SA "can cause rare but serious and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions or BP and SA kill off the bad bacteria but also wipe out Jessica's entire facial bacterial ecosystem, including the good bacteria essential to healthy skin. severe irritation." GET TO A DOCTOR Ш ACCUTANE FOR SOME RETINOL OR ANTIBIOTICS OR ACCUTANE Which makes Jessica's skin so sun-sensitive, she can't practice on the outdoor track. Which might work... but might also weaken her hair, turn her teeth yellow and make her feel dizzy. Good bye acne, hello depression and muscle weakness! Side effects that sidetrack her sports, her grades and her social life. 92% of individuals who have dealt with acne report feeling symptoms of depression; studies have found that Accutane more than doubles the risk of depression. OR SHE CAN NERÐ OUTSMART ACNE THREE STEPS, NO STRES... When something's happening on your face, your body knows it. And it activates your immune system so your good facial bacteria can wipe out the bad acne bacteria. NERD understands the process and makes it work better. For you or your skin. START Jessica's face feels soft and radiant Her skin can breathe, and dirt and oil that may contribute to the clogging of her CLARIFYING CLEANSER pores are removed Gives a sense of true freedom and cleanness, free of soap and chemicals Jessica uses a unique formula that kills acne-causing bacteria and nurtures good bacteria 2 NERÐ She can finally live with no makeup and no judging ACNE TREATMENT There are no side effects - no more thinking about acne or skin problems END Jessica is perfectly comfortable in 3 her own skin NERÐ There are no dry patches or redness, only a fresh healthy glow NOURISHING CREAM Provides a healthy skin with an active layer of immunity, fighting acne NERD SKINCARE Acne Can't Run Or Hide From It! 18 For more cellular intelligence, visit us at NERDSKINCARE.COM NERÐ SEE YOU DIFFERENTLY Jessica wins the race! With a clear, healthy glow written all over her face. SOURCES:,,,,, OC OCOC OCOC OCOC D ニニン NERÐ OCOC OCOC OCOC OCOC OCOC RETINOL

Psychosocial and emotional effects of acne

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Psychosocial and emotional effects of acne - a 'Jessica acne-fighting story': Although acne usually doesn't cause direct physical impairment, it is associated with a greater psychological burden than ...


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