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Prohibition Did What?!

PROHIBITION DID WHAT?! -A BEER-GOGGLED LOOK AT THE VOLSTEAD ACT OF 1920~ ROAD TO PROHIBITION SLOSHED BY THE MAN 60,000 Puritans travelling on the Mayflower were 1620 documented to have brought more beer (42 tons) than water (14 tons) on board. 75% FIRED 35,000 BEER > WATER The first American temperance society is formed in Litchfield, C'T, advocating the regulation of alcohol consumption. During the first 1 years of the Volstead Act the government appointed 17,971 people to the Prohibition Bureau. Of that, 13,586 are fired for bribery, extortion, theft, falsification of records, conspiracy, forgery, and perjury. Convictions for liquor offenses rose from 35,000 in 1923 to over 60,000 in 1932. 1789 Government enacts the "Whiskey 1791 Tax" on both publicly and privately distilled whiskey in the US. 1792 Farmers in Pennsylvania against federal tax on liquor form the Whisky Rebellion. X 10,000 X 1,000,000 $$$ It's estimated that there were between 200,000 and so0,000 speakeasies in the US. In 1928 it's estimated that doctors had netted nearly $40 million by writing prescriptions for whisky. 1802 Whiskey tax is repealed. RUM-RUNNERS ON YOUR MARKS! An amendment added to the Trade and intercourse Acts outlaws the use of liquor in the Indian fur trade. 1802 1921 1925 1930 www 1814-1817 1826 A temporary alcohol tax is imposed to help the US pay for the War of 1812. $$$ The American society for the Promotion of Temperance is founded in Boston, MA. The government scized 95,933 illicit distilleries, stills, still works and fermentors, and arrested over 34,000 people. 172537 illicit distilleries, stills, still works, and fermentors were seized, and over 62,000 people were arrested. 282,122 illicit distilleries, stills, still works, and fermentors were scized and over 75,000 people were arrested. Congress passes a law that bans 1832 alcohol on Indian rescrvations. New York State cnacts a law that 1845 prohibits the public sale of liquor. X 300 X 1,000,000 Over 300 ships were seized by thc US government for smuggling liquor into the country. As of 1924, nearly $40 million of liquor was being smuggled into the US. New York bartenders 1850 DRINK BY NUMBERS BOOTLEGGING invent the cocktail. TO THE MAN (ORGANIZED CRIME STATS DURING PROHIBITION) Over 1,100 legal alcohol distilleries 1860 producing 88 million gallons of liquor annually are operating in the US. Three months prior to 18th Amendment becoming affective, Sroo,000 worth of liquor was stolen from Government warchouses. Estimated consumption of alcohol pre-prohibition: 1.46 alcohol during prohibition proof gallons per capita. Estimated consumption of X I000 X 1,000,000 was 1.63 proof gallons per capita. |1862 $$$ Abraham Lincoln imposes a new liquor tax to help pay debts from the Civil War. Average number of deaths per 100,000 due to alcoholism pre-prohibition: 5 Al Capone built an entire criminal empire by bootlegging. Average number of deaths per 100,000 due during prohibition: 3 alcoholism The Prohibition Party is formed. 1869 Arrests for drunken and disorderly conduct increased 41% Arrests drunk drivers increascd 81% New York state enacts laws that make anti 1884 alcohol teaching mandatory in public schools. Police funding increased by $11.4 MILLION The Pure Food and Drug Act is passed, regulating the labeling of 1906 products containing alcohol. Thefts and burglaries increased From 1919 to 1929, it is estimated that bootleggers brought in nearly $so0 million with their alcohol distribution services. 1910 New York introduces the first drunk driving laws. X IO MILLION The number of federal convicts increased 1920 The president of the American Medical Association endorses national prohibition. DOC 1917 Homicides increased from 6.8 per 1,000 in 1920 to nearly 10 per 1,000 in 1929. Congress passes the 18th Amendment, 1920 outlawing the possession, production, and transportation of alcohol in the US. 561% Federal prision population increased By this time nearly one in every 10 gallons of denatured industrial alcohol 1929 is diverted into bootleg liquor. It's cstimated that 10%+ of government officials had ties with the mafia during prohibition. 366% 1933 IN A 3-TO-1 VOTE, CONGRESS REPEALS PROHIBITION IN THE US. Sources: o00'005g

Prohibition Did What?!

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A beer-goggled look at the Volstead Act of 1920


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