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Preventing Winter Shoveling Injuries

SNÓW SAFETY:. Preventing Winter Shoveling Injuries SNOW-SHOVELING INJURY STATISTICS A study conducted by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine of 100 emergency departments from 1990-2006 found that: Approximately 11,500 INJURIES show up in the ER every year as a result of SHOVELING SNOW 2/3 of snow-shoveling injuries occurred in MEN 21.8% of the injuries were in adults AGE 55 AND OVER of the diagnoses were injuries 16% to the arms and hands 55% 34% of the diagnoses were soft tissue injuries of the diagnoses were lower back injuries COMMON SNOW-SHOVELING INJURIES MUSCULAR INJURY Occurs from heavy lifting or twisting Could be a strain, pull, or even a tear in the back, shoulders, or arms HERNIATED DISC Can be caused by wear and tear or acute injury Warming up and using good lifting technique can minimize your risk ROTATOR CUFF TENDINITIS The pressure of pushing the shovel against snow can irritate the shoulder joint Lifting and twisting as you throw snow may aggravate a structural weakness SHOVELING TIPS Choose a good shovel Look for one with a curved handle to minimize how much you have to bend Warm up Walk, stretch, and warm up before you begin to shovel snow Avoid twisting Try to push snow out of the way instead of lifting and throwing it to the side Use your legs If you must lift snow, lift with your legs and not your back Use a snow blower If shoveling is too stressful for your body, use a snow blower or have someone else clear the snow for you Provided by: TAOTINO www.ORTHOPEDICDOCTORNYC.COM ABLE ORTHOPEDIC & SPORTS MEDICINE AOSM SPORTS MEDIC Sources: at-can/article_54197c6c-foce-11de-b7f2-001cc4c002e0.html

Preventing Winter Shoveling Injuries

shared by BrittSE on Nov 01
Using a quality shovel, warming up the body, and lifting with the legs are all ways to decrease the risk of injury when shoveling snow. Check out this infographic for more information on preventing th...


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