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Prescription Drugs Kill: A Public Health Crisis

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS KILL PRESCRIPTION DRUGS KILL: 100,100 AMERICANS EVERY YEAR A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS Thar's three timea more killed by automobikes ach vear THE NUMBER OF DEATHS FROM PRESCRIPTION DRUGS KEEPS RISING Most clinical trials are being conducted overseas on the sick, the poor, the homeless, and often illiterate people in places where regulation la virtually nonexiatent and "nlatakea" can end up in graves. PRESCRIPTION DRUGS OFTEN CAUSE ADVERSE REACTIONS 28% 70% Adverse drug reactions la lexcludes and accidental poisoningi any noxious, unintended, and undesired effect of a drug which occurs at doses uped in humans for prophylicis, diagnosis, or therapy. intentional OF ALL EMERGENCY ROOM WERE FOUND TO BE VISITS ARE DRUG-RELATED PREVENTABLE WHAT'S IN YOUR MEDICINE CABINET? WHY ARE THERE ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS? Many patients are not asked if they hme drug Patents are prescribed drugs that should not be taken together Patients weight and kichey function are not taken into account when preocribed cruge lerges before they're given a prescription EVERY DAY MORE THAN 4,000 PATIENTS HAVE ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS SO SERIOUS THAT THEY NEED TO BE ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL 57% of these adverze dug resctions were not recognized by the attending physician at the time of admission. 57% Tiimm Elderly people are 4x more 11kaly to be hospitalized for adversa drug reaction related problema. LEADING KILLERS IN THE UNITED STATES # 4 HEART DISEASE Bx CANCER STROKE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS COULD WE PREVENT SOME OF THESE SERIOUS PRESCRIPTION DRUG PROBLEMS? DRUG COMPANY VS. NON-DRUG COMPANY CLINICAL TRIALS OUTSIDE THE US.A. In a survey of clinical trials research revealed The number of clinical trials conducted in foreign countries has risen drastically 1F-/" |2008 6, 485 Trials In a DRUG COMPANY FUNDED Thars an inoroasa of mora than 2.000s study, there is a 90% chance that the drug wil be perceived as effective In a NON-DRUG COMPANY FUNDED study favorable results are found only 1990 50% 271 triala of the time SHOULD STUDIES BE LOOKED AT CLOSER? When studies in the United States suggest that a drug has no benefit, trials from abroad can often be used instead to aecure F.D.A. approval. A FOREIGN AFFAIR? 20 of the largest U.S.based phamaceutical companiea now conduct one-third of their clinical trials anolusively at foreign sitea PRESCRIPTION DRUGS KILL 300% MORE AMERICANS THAN ILLEGAL DRUGS More than cocaine, heroin and all mathamphatamines put together PRESCRIPTION DRUG RECALLS 10% of the U.S. Population were exposed to five drug recalls between Septenber 1997 to September 1998. 20% of new drugs will be issued drug recalls or will be reguired to include additional safety warnings over a 25-year period THERE ARE A LOT OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS OUT THERE WITH MANY MORE TO COME 2,900 DIFFERENT DRUGS FOR sME 4,600 DIFFERENT CONDITIONS ARE UNDERGOING CLINICAL TESTING AND VYING TO COME TO MARKET. SOURCES http:0www.vanitytair.compoliticsleatures/2011/01deadly-medicine 201101 http:0www.adrugrecall co tacts html http news injur ybord compreser pton-drug desthe soar aspa?googleid-2948 INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY http:www.natur alnews. com/024765 drug_drugs.DEA html http:www.wcrstpillis onglpublcpage cfmop_id-4 drug_costs. html Created by

Prescription Drugs Kill: A Public Health Crisis

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This infographic provides information for prescription drug deaths and dangers in the U.S. It provides information for how many people have died from prescription drugs, why they are dangerous, and ho...


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