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Prescription Drugs Can Kill Anyone

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS WILL KILL ANYONE Prescribed to aid in recovering or dealing with some sort of condition, the pills you depend on right now may become a crutch-or worse, lead to long-term suffering if abused. Every day, thousands of Americans fall into the pit of prescription drug abuse. WHAT IS PRESCRIPTION 7MILLION DRUG ABUSE? Americans who abuse prescription drugs The intentional use of a medication without a prescription; in a way other than was prescribed; or to solely experience the feeling. THE MOST COMMONLY ABUSED PRESCRIPTIONS ARE: SEDATIVES 0.4 million STIMULANTS 1.1 million 2.2 million TRANQUILIZERS PAIN RELIEVERS WHO ABUSES PRESCRIPTION DRUGS? 5.1 million 5,500 ALMOST 4 PER MINUTE 475,000 Americans who start abusing prescription drugs every day Emergency room visits related to abuse of prescription painkillers in 2009 I20 Americans 12 and older who have misused prescription painkillers PRESCRIPTION ABUSE AND TEENAGERS MORE THAN IN2 Youth 12 to 17 High school seniors who said opioids other than heroin, such as Vicodin, who reported nonmedical use of prescriptions are easy to get IN12 70% High school seniors who reported nonmedical use of Vicodin 12th-graders who've abused prescription narcotics got them from a IL20 friend or relative WHY DO TEENS ABUSE DRUGS? High school seniors who reported abuse of OxyContin TO TREAT PAIN, OR GET HIGH MANY ALSO BELIEVE IT WILL IMPROVE THEIR SCHOOLWORK WEIGHT LOSS RX DANGERS DRUGS EXCEED AUTO ACCIDENTS AS A CAUSE OF DEATH 39.147 33.963 Deaths from motor vehicle accidents Deaths connected to drug use and abuse EVERY 19 MINUTES ... ... SOMEONE DIES FROM AN UNINTENTIONAL DRUG OVERDOSE RISKS OF ABUSE OPIOIDS DEPRESSANTS STIMULANTS (used to treat anxiety and sleep problems) (used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy) (Painkillers) ADDICTION OVERDOSE HEIGHTENED ADDICTION DANGEROUS OVERDOSE ADDICTION PSYCHOSIS SEIZURES HIV RISK WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS CARDIOVASCULAR COMPLICATIONS MOST COMMONLY ABUSED PRESCRIPTION DRUGS PAINKILLER ANTI-ANXIETY SLEEP AID HYDROCODONE MORPHINE FENTANYL VALIUM ATIVAN XANAX AMBIEN CODEINE TREATS ADHD AND NARCOLEPSY COUGH SUPPRESSANT ADDERALL RITALIN XANAX STATE OF HEALTH The drug overdose epidemic is most severe in the Southwest and Appalachian region, and rates vary substantially between states. The highest drug overdose death rates in 2008 were found in New Mexico and West Virginia, which had rates nearly five times that of the state with the lowest rate, Nebraska. Washington New Hampshire Montana North Minnesota Vermont Maine Dakota Oregon Idaho South Wisconsin Massachusetts Dakota New York Wyoming Michigan Rhode Island Connecticut Pennsylvania -New Jersey Ohio West Virginia Virginia Nebraska lowa Nevada Illinois Delaware Maryland Utah Indiana Colorado Kansas District of Columbia California Missouri Kentucky North Carolina Arizona Oklahoma Arkansas Tennessee New Mexico South Alabama Georgia Mississippi Carolina Texas Louisiana DRUG OVERDOSE Florida AGE-ADJUSTED DEATH Hawaii RATE PER 100,000 PEOPLE IN 2008 Alaska DEATH RATES FROM RX DRUG 5%-9.99% ABUSE DOUBLED IN 23 STATES, WITH WEST VIRGINIA 10%-14.99% SHOWING THE GREATEST INCREASE WITH 550% 15%-19.99% 20%-30% RISING TIDE OF ABUSE THE GREATEST INCREASES IN PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE CAME IN RURAL U.S. AREAS BETWEEN 1999 AND 2004. THESE GROUPS HAD THE HIGHEST INCREASES IN DEATHS BY DRUG OVERDOSE BETWEEN 1999 AND 2004: 103.0% 15.8% 113.3% PERSONS IN THE PERSONS AGED SOUTHERN 15-24 FEMALES WHITES U. S. YEARS ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSES UNINTENTIONAL PRESCRIPTION DRUG OVERDOSES CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE WITH ACCESS TO THE DRUGS. HERE'S A LOOK AT SOME OF THE MOST FAMOUS RECENT DEATHS FROM ACCIDENTAL DRUG OVERDOSES. 28 AGE AGE AGE AGE AGE 27 39 32 50 AMY WINEHOUSE HEATH LEDGER ANNA NICOLE BRITTANY MURPHY MICHAEL JACKSON Singer Actress Singer Date: June 25, 2009 Cause of death: Cardiac arrest due to Actor SMITH Date: July 23, 2011 Cause of death: Date: Jan. 22, 2008 Cause of death: Date: Dec. 20, 2009 Cause of death: Actress Alcohol, drug overdose Date: Feb. 8, 2007 Cause of death: Overdose of prescription medications, potentially including sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications Pneumonia, prescription drug intoxication use of anesthetic propofol Overdose of nine different prescription drugs SOURCES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institute on Drug Abuse Current Opinion in Pediatric, Vol. 19, No. 3, 2007 active internet marketing

Prescription Drugs Can Kill Anyone

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Doctors prescribe medications for pain, illnesses and chronic conditions. When used appropriately, medications provide relief from health concerns. Unfortunately, many prescription drugs are misused a...


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