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Prescription Drug Abuse

RX A National Epidemic: Prescription Drug Abuse Name: Nationwide Address: Date: A CULTURE OF SOLVING PROBLEMS WITHA PILL HAS DEVELOPED IN THE LAST TWO DECADES THAT THREATENS THE NATION'S HEALTH IN EVERY CATEGORY. EVERY AGE CATEGORY IS IMPACTED BY THIS GROWING EPIDEMIC OF PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE. FOR ALL CLASSES OF DRUGS ABUSED, THE FOLLOWING ARE THE THREE MOST COMMONLY ABUSED CLASSES OE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: - NARCOTIC PAIN KILLERS-OPIOIDS CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DEPRESSANTS STIMULANTS 2010 Between 1991-2010 2005 2000 1990 1995 Consumption of prescription 45 Mil stimulants increased from 5 mil. to 45 mil. 35 Mil 25 Mil 15 Mil 5 Mil 6,600people/day PILL MILL started non-medical use of prescription drugs in 2010. In 2009 more than 1/2 ER ER VISITS INVOLVED MULTIPLE DRUGS 2004-2008 2010 DRUG USE SURVEY ER visits increased 2.4 MILLION PEOPLE 111% YES NO 1) Use prescriptions for non-medical use. 2) Have you ever used pain relievers when they were not prescribed for you? from 144,644 to 305,900 for non-medical use of prescription drugs. 3) Have you used non-prescribed pain relievers in the last 3 months? SINCE 1999 The following groups of people ages 35-44 had the highest percentage of prescription overdoses from any drug. 13.5% 11.7% 10.9% NON-HISPANIC WHITES NATIVE AMERICANS AFRICAN-AMERICAN 2009-2010 of people 12 years old and above used pain relievers non-medically and got them from friends and famlily. 55% 17% of people got their drugs from a doctor. painkillers were prescribed ESDAY January 2010 in 2010 to medicate every AMERICAN ADULT 24HRS A Enough prescription DAY FOR A MONTH! DEATHS TODAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 40+ DEATHS TODAY 40+ 40+ 40+ DEATHS 40+ AY 40+ DEATHS TODAY 40+ DEATHS TODAY TO TODAY 40 40+ 40+ 40+ 40+ DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEATHS DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEATHS DEATHS TODAY TODAY TODAY 40+ 40+ 40+ 40+ 40+ 40+ MORE THAN 40 DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY PEOPLE DIE A DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DAY FROM 40+ DEATHS 40+ 40+ NARCOTIOc PRESCRIPTION 40+ 40+ 40- OVERDOSES DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEAT TOL. TODAY 40+ 40+ 40+ DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY DEATHS TODAY MORE THAN 15,000 PEOPLE A MONTH OVERDOSE ON PRESCRIPTION PAIN KILLERS. OVERDOSE DEATHS Since 1999, the amount of deaths have tripled due to prescription pain killers compared to the amount of people who died from heroin and cocaine combined. PILLS>HEROIN COCAINE PAIN RELIEVERS 5.3 MIL. USERS 2009 TRANQUILIZERS 2 MIL. USERS The most commonly abused psychotherapeutic prescription drugs used by 7 million users were taken for non-medical purposes. STIMULANTS 1.3 MIL. USERS SEDATIVES 0.4 MIL. USERS SOURCES: HTTP://wwW.DRUGABUSE.GOV/PUBLICATIONS/RESEARCH-REPORTS/PRESCRIPTION-DRUGS/T RENDS-IN-PRESCRIPTION-DRUG-ABUSE/HOW-MANY-PEOPLE-ABUSE-PRESCRIPTION-DRUGS INFOGRAPHIC PRESENTED BY: www.RECOVERYCONNECTION.ORG

Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic. An increasing number of individuals are using their prescription medications not as prescribed. Furthermore, pain pill clinics have made prescription dru...


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