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Prepare Yourself for Fall and Winter Allergies

Prepare Yourself for FALL AND WINTER ALLERGIES THE NUMBERS ON ALLERGIES 1 in 5 people in the U.S. suffers from some kind of allergy 40 million people have indoor/outdoor allergies 10-20% of people are allergic to ragweed, the most common cause of fall allergies Ragweed season now lasts 15 days longer than normal in some regions of the country Change is believed to be caused by climate change 400 miles - Distance the pollen from one plant can travel Allergies are the 5th most common chronic disease in adults PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM FALL AND WINTER ALLERGIES LIMIT YOUR TIME OUTSIDE o Allergic rhinitis and other allergy symptoms can be worse after long periods outside o Dry, windy days are particularly bad for allergy sufferers KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN o Shut your windows to stop pollen from getting inside o Dust, vacuum, and sweep on a regular basis KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN o Wash your hands and face after being outside for a while • This may lessen the symptoms of contact dermatitis and prevent you from prolonged exposure WATCH THE POLLEN COUNT o Pollen and mold spore counts are available online o Stay indoors with the windows closed on the worst days III-----I-- I--- ------- -- --- .- - I-- CONSULT AN ALLERGY SPECIALIST o Undergo allergy skin testing to determine exactly what allergens affect you o Your allergist will develop a personalized treatment plan to ease your symptoms and decrease your need for medications PROVIDED BY & ASTHMA ASPECIALuSTS, P.C. WWWW.ALLERGYANDASTHMAPATIENTRESOURCES.COM SOURCES: and-how-to avoid-them.htm prevention

Prepare Yourself for Fall and Winter Allergies

shared by BrittSE on Sep 25
An allergy specialist performs a skin test that helps patients figure out which allergens affect them the most. This infographic has more information about fall and winter allergies and what to do to ...


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