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Congrats! PREGNANCY AND ORAL HEALTH congrats! Pregnancy will affect nearly every aspect of a woman's life and oral health is no exception. Make sure to continue a thorough oral health regime and consult your GP regularly on any issues. congrats! WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? Can I receive dental treatments when l'm If you can, schedule any major restorative procedures before pregnancy. Should you require any dental work while pregnant, it is best to receive any routine treatments during your second trimester, as the foetus is at its most sensitive during the first, and it may be uncomfortable to sit in the dentist's chair in the final stages of pregnancy. pregnant? Is NHS dental care free for pregnant women? Yay! Yes, if you apply for a free "Maternity Exemption Certificate" all NHS dental treatments and medications are free during and up to 12 months after pregnancy. Are dental X-rays safe? Modern dental X-rays expose the patient to minimal doses of radiation which is focused far away from the uterus. However, X-rays should only be undertaken if unavoidable, and only for diagnosis within the first trimester. Most dental medications are safe to take while pregnant, including paracetamol, most antibiotics and anesthetics. However, some medications are potentially harmful, such as the antibiotic Metronidazole so always make your dentist aware if there's a possibility you are pregnant. If you have any further concerns always check with your GP, pharmacist, or midwife. Are dental medications safe? COMMON ORAL HEALTH CONCERNS DURING PREGNANCY Uh oh! GINGIVITIS WHAT IS IT? Gingivitis presents itself an inflammation of the gums which may become red, sore and bleed while brushing. WHAT CAN I DO? 40% OF GASES Make sure to floss regularly, brush twice a day and use fluoride mouthwashes. Professional cleaning may also help if the problem persists. FLOSS Uh oh! ACID EROSION WHAT IS IT? If you suffer from severe morning sickness, the digestive acids from your stomach can cause a loss of enamel of you upper front teeth. WHAT CAN I DO? Minimise damage from this by avoiding brushing immediately after being sick. Úse a mouthwash and wait 10-15 minutes before brushing. 05-2% have severe morning sickness 50% experience some form of morning sickness MOUTH WASH PREGNANCY INDUCED DIABETES Uh ohl WHAT IS IT? Arises in rare cases where the mother cannot meet the added insulin demands of pregnancy. Presenting in the third trimester with few symptoms. 2-10% OF CASES WHAT CAN I DO? It is important to see your GP regularly as GDM can be identified through regular screenings. GDM is a treatable condition, particularly for women who have reasonable control over their glucose levels. Aso known as Gestalional dabetes or CDM Uh oh! WHAT IS IT? Despite being referred to as pregnancy tumors, they are not cancerous or dangerous. Usually taking the form of red nodules in the upper gum line, appearing during the second trimester. PREGNANCY GRANULOMA WHAT CAN I DO? Ensure to continue a thorough oral health regime and the condition should resolve itself; however, always check with your dentist if the condition persists, as surgery can also be an option post pregnancy. 2-10% OF CASES GET FLOSSING! brought to you by Portman Healthcare www.portmanhealthcarecouk Sources: Cate, A.R. Ten. Oral Histology: development, structure, and function. 5th ed. 1998. ISBN 0-8151-2952-1


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Pregnancy will affect nearly every aspect of a woman's life and oral health is no exception. Make sure to continue a thorough oral health regime and consult your GP regularly on any issues.


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