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Pregnancy and Addiction

Pregnaney ADDICTION A One in eight pregnant women reports alcohol use (at least one drink a day) ALSO: One in thirty women admit to binge drinking during pregnancy FACT 2 FASD IS PREVENTABLE! Up to 6,000 babies a year are born with FASD in the U.S. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder is completely preventable. If you do not drink while pregnant the fetus cannot develop FASD. FACT One in thirty women 'admit to binge drinking! i during pregnancy. 3 Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome have: -Hyperactive behavior -Abnormal facial features -Small Head -Low IQ -Poor memory -Learning disability -Speech delays -Low body weight -Poor coordination -Shorter than average height -Vision or hearing problems -Heart, kidney, or bone problems nervous system impairment FACT 221,000 women 757,000 women drink alcohol while pregnant. use illicit drugs during pregnancy Almost all drugs pass from the mother to the fetus. FACT 820,000 women smoke during Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thưsday A 2008 Danish study found women who binge drink 3 drinks a week in the frst 16 weeks have a 56% increase in chance of stillbirth. pregnancy. Another study found women who had 5 or more drinks a week in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy had a 70% increase in chance for stillbirth. FACT Even one drink a week during early pregnancy can result in behavioral problems in children. Babies born with ! withdrawal symptoms; are in extreme i discomfort and need extra attention. FACT Brain scans show a severe reduction in (6 the corpus callosum in fetuses exposed to moderate and heavy alcohol. Sometimes a new NORMAL The corpus callosum is a bundle of nerve fibers that is responsible for communication between the left and right brain hemispheres transfering motor, sensory, and cognitive information. FASD Baby Brain Baby Brain bom will need to be weaned off the mother's drug of choice. Effects of stimulants on fetus and birth FACT -Methadone increases risk of seizures Consumption of drugs during pregnancy can lead to fetal death, matemal death, -Amphetamines can cause low birth weight, premature birth and intracranial bleeding (bleeding in the head) -Cocaine can cause poor fetal growth, developmental delays, leaming disabilities, low IQ and intestinal abnormalities miscarriage, premature labor, placental abruption. COCAINE Effects of depressants on fetus and birth FACT Alcohol consumption during -Heroin and opiates: withdrawal symptoms will pregnancy can cause: occur lasting from 4 to 6 mo. -Marijuana is linked to lower birth weight and size miscarriage, stillbirth, FASD. Drugs during pregnancy can O Tobacco Use and Pregnancy lead to: -Tobacco use during pregnancy -Blood and heart infections increases use of alcohol -Anemia -Prenatal tobacco exposure is a risk factor for sudden infant death -Skin infections syndrome (SDS) and low birth weight -Hepatitis O -Sexually transmitted -Tobacco toxins reduce levels of oxygen and other nutrients to the fetus diseases -Nicotine can create fetal cardiovascular and central nervVous system problems tp/www.cdo.govinobddo landndachtm rtp/www.marchoidmes com/pregrancyacono_nospth rem S rap/puce niana nih govipubloatonslam24-4/242-240 pof O rp/www.ipoh org DoeeseeathnioHeatrubrarypregrartoug rem reowww.iooh org DoeeeatrnoHeatrbrarypregrert/orug rem Infographic presented by:

Pregnancy and Addiction

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Alcoholism and drug addiction destroys lives. If you are pregnant and using you should seek help from a health care professional now. The pregnant woman’s body shares everything she consumes with th...


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