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The Power of Family Planning

THE POWER OF FAMILY PLANNING WHEN WOMEN HAVE ACCESS TO FAMILY PLANNING, EVERYONE BENEFITS. Today more than 222 million women don't want to be pregnant but aren't using modern contraception. Source: Singh, S. and J.E. Darroch. 2012. Adding It Up: Costs and Benefits of Contraceptive Services-Estimates for 2012. New York: Guttmacher Institute and UNFPA. FAMILY PLANNING CAN REDUCE UNMET NEED FOR CONTRACEPTION AND REDUCE UNINTENDED PREGNANCY WHICH HELPS: IMPROVE HEALTH EMPOWER WOMEN BOOST ECONOMIC GROWTH BENEFIT COMMUNITIES Reduces maternal Allow s women to reach desired Increases the proportion of working to non-w orking population which increases savings and reduces poverty. Allows them to invest mortality, im proves infant and child health, reduces family size, imvest more in individual children, and earn wages outside the home. more in schools and health care, and improve abortion. infrastructure. FAMILY PLANNING SAVES LIVES. IN 2012, 645 MILLION WOMEN IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD USED A MODERN METHOD OF CONTRACEPTION 42 MILLION MORE THAN IN 2008 THIS PREVENTED 218 UNINTENDED PREGNANCIES AND AVERTED: 138 MILLION ABORTIONS 1.8 MILLION MILLION NEWBORN AND INFANT DEATHS 25 MILLION MISCARRIAGES 118 THOUSAND MATERNAL DEATHS 55 MILLION UNPLANNED BIRTHS SOURCE: Singh, S. and J.E. Darroch. 2012. Adding It Up: Costs and Benefits of Contraceptive Services-Estimates for 2012. New York: Guttmacher Institute and UNFPA. THE EVIDENCE ON THE BENEFITS OF FAMILY PLANNING IS CLEAR. REDUCES MATERNAL MORTALITY INCREASES SOCIAL SECTOR SAVINGS In Egypt, the increasing use of family planning correlates with dram atically reduced maternal de ath In Senegal, every $1 spent on fam ily planning results in $6 in savings in health and social sector services INVEST MENT IN CONT RACEPTIVE MATERNAL FAMILY PLANNING US E MORALITY RAT E EDUCATION $181 M US$43M IM MUNIZATION $12 M WATER & SA NITATION HEALT H & $26 M SOCIAL SECTOR MATERNAL HEALTH SAVINGS $43 M $266M MALARIA $4 M 2010 SOURCE: Hogan et al. 2010; United Nations 2011. SOURCE: Moreland and Talbird 2006. INCREASES WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT INCREASES SOCIAL SECTOR SAVINGS When women have fewer children, they are mo re likely to earn wages When women use modern cont raceptive methods, they have fewer abortions PERCENT THAT RECEIVE WAGES NUMBER OF CH ILDREN/WOMAN GDP PER CAP ITA Married women using modern methods (%) SOURCE: Adapted from Mamm en and Paxton 2000. SOURCE: Adapted from Westoff 2008. FOR 60 YEARS, THE POPULATION COUNCIL HAS BEEN CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD THINKS ABOUT FAMILY PLANNING. STRATEGY FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH ENSURE RIGHTS, 01 CHOICE, EQUITY PROVIDE GREATER ACCESS TO LONG-ACTING 02 REVERSIBLE FAMILY PLANNING METHODS 03 INTEGRATE FAMILY PLANNING W/ OTHER HEALTH SERVICES 04 ACHIEVE FAMILY PLANNING 2020 GOALS THE POPULATION COUNCIL: Plays a pivotal role in designing effective voluntary family planning programs worldwide Works with ministries of health and community part- ners to increase access to family planning and im- prove reproductive health care Develops new contraceptive options including IUDS, implants, rings, and more e Population Council Total abortion rate

The Power of Family Planning

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Investing in family planning is one of the most cost-effective ways to address global development challenges. Family planning programs improve lives and strengthen societies. The Population Council ha...



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