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The Power of Clinical Guidelines

The Power Of Clinical Guidelines Improved Outcomes! Well-designed clinical practice guidelines achieve an 8-10% improvement in patient care 8-10% Increase in quality! Anually Anually $591 Billion $2.5 Trillion Spent on drugs and devices in America Healthcare Costs in America Percent of Physicians That know where to find specific treatment guidelines 26% That DO NOT TRUST Pharma generated content 73% That prefer brief algorithmic pocket card format for referencing guidelines at point of care 77% Guidelines Facts 680,000 1992 $100k-$1m 2.5 Yrs Approx. number of DHHS Published first Physicians & Surgeons in US Average cost to Average lifespan of a officially recognized develop guideline guideline current treatment in US guideline 23% of 680,000 - Doctors surveyed refused to even see drug reps Trends affecting clinical decision-making in the next 3-5 years 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Evidence Based Medicine Health Information Technology Pay-for-performace Incentive Clinical Guidelines Changes in Reimbursement Consumer-directed Healthcare Main Barriers to Physician Adherence of Guidelines lack of awareness lack of familiarity lack of agreement lack of self-efficacy lack of outcome expectancy inertia of previous practice behavior (external barriers) Guidelines Development Process Update Disseminate External Review Articulate Recommendations Establish Evidence Foundations Systematic Review Intersection Compose Development Group Manage Conflict of Interest Establish Transparency Guidelines Across The Globe According to a survey more than 70% of physicians agreed that CPG's were helpful in making good clinical decisions and improving Korea - educational tools Guidelines International Network has over 3,700 clinical guidelines submitted by more than 86 organizations in 45 countries World A 2011 study of the use of EBM pathways in patients with non-small- US cell lung cancer revealed that evidence-based care resulted in an average cost savings of 35% over 12 months and equivalent Money Matters Likelihood of Compliance with Guidelines by Bonus Level 90 No More Likely somewhat More Likely Much More Likely 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 2% Bonus 9% Bonus 20% Bonus Relevance Matters More 90 80 70 60 40 30 20 10 Relevant my practice Sound Methodology Highly Recommended Credible Sources No Commercial Interests Cost Effective Percentage of Guideline Users by Specialty General Surgical Orthopedics Ophthalmology Ob/Gyn Other Medical (R) Psychiatry Oncology Emergency Medicine Cardiology Internal Medicine (R) Pediatrics General Practitioner All Physicians 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 At the heart of each prescription and reimbursement dollar is the... Clinical Practice Guideline Sources: Created by: *Institute of Medicine (edt.) clinical proctice guidelines we can trust. Washington DC, 2011 •Medad News 2006 •NICE, 2002 • JAMA, October 20, 1999-Vol 282, No. 15 •Buchman TG et al, Enhancing the use of clinical guidelines: a social norms perspective •Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies, Grimshaw (et al.) •NEHI/Harris Interoctive Survey •SKGA Survey *2010 Statistical Abstract of the U.S. Census Bureau •VA and DHHS national guideline preference survey •2007 PDR Physician Survey AHRO J Korean Med Sci. 2012 May; 27 •New England Healthcare Institute •Health System Change •Cancer Network 3 GuidelineCentral" Percent of physicians who felt it would make an impact

The Power of Clinical Guidelines

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Did you know the average medical guideline costs over $100,000 to develop? See more from one of the only infographics made specifically for medical guidelines.


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