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Post-Holiday Pounds

POST-HOLIDAY POUNDS: SUBTLE WEIGHT FACTORS THAT MAY FACTOR UP BETTER BODY JOURNAL 12 Now that the holidays over, there are limited excuses that can pardon weight gain. New Year resolutions to shed pounds are only as effective as understanding the initial culprit(s) that cause the weight gain Globally, the Western World is affected by a massive battle with the bulge. Sure, we're all guilty of pointing fingers to external factors, particularly during the frigid, holiday season when "blubber" is our method of swaddling in warmth. Yet instead of blaming Old Man Winter this year, we should really understand the reasons why our generation is packing on the BMI, rather than burning it away. 1 Inactivity 40% of Americans do Does the word 'sedentary' sound familiar? It rings a bell for the population majority who fail to meet the fitness-enhancing, federal requirements that spur weight loss. not engage in any physical activity at all. Only 1/3rd of all American adults actually meet the recommended 30-minute, 5x per week exercise minimum. OBESITY 10% CALORY INTAKE # CALORY BURNED Active lifestyles can assist in weight maintenance/weight loss, while curbing the preemp- tive conditions of stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and even some cancers. In 2008 for example, 5.3 million of the 57 million worldwide deaths were attributed to inactivity. If physical inactivity was reduced to just 10%, 533,000 deaths per annum could be avoided! |2 Drinking Now, we're all aware that four large cups of Bacardi eggnog surely isn't the best option in comparison to the available bottled water. How much does this alcohol-intake really impact the stability of our weight? OBESE SLIM A recent study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated how moderate and heavy alcoholic drinkers gained the most weight,while maintaining the highest BMI than non-drinkers. The study concluded that people who consumed more than 30g of alcohol per day were more likely to gain weight, thereby leading to obesity.In addition, studies show that alcohol temporarily inhibits "lipid OXidation." In layman's terms? When alcohol is in your system, your body has difficulty burning the existing fat. 3 Television First, leť's make this clear: television itself is not cause for weight gain; rather inactivity and snacking is. A new study has found that high-calorie snacking proves to be a major cause of both adult and childhood obesity. This is partly due to featured commercials that subliminally-advertise unhealthy lifestyle and meal choices. While we've already touched on the aforemen- tioned inactivity, it wouldn't hurt to mention how studies have shown an extra hour per week dedicated to TV is attributed to half a millimeter of waist circumstance, along with decreased muscle strength. Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that chips, candy and other snack foods account for up to 27% of a person's daily caloric intake. 4 Label Misinterpretation Sadly enough, "lowfat" labels do not equate to "no fat" labels, so use discretion when mulling over reduced-fat cake optionsat the local coffeehouse. Low and/or reduced-fat nutrition labels often lead to 65% overconsumption of nutrient-deficient, yet caloric-busting snack foods. These shortcut attempts of dieting often lead to obesity in consum- ers who are already overweight. FOOD Low Fat Sour Creah 65% Weight conscientiousnesS is important when maintaining a stable, healthy lifestyle. Consider the available weight-management options to ensure that dieting and proper eating habits are regu- lated efficiently. BETTER BODY \JOURNAL Data Sources 2006.4/Can_Low_Fat_Labels.aspx! Image Sources "Christmas Woman Eating Biscuit" by imagerymajestic / "Woman" by africa / "Losted Kilograms" by marin / "Woman Holding Weighing Scale" by stockimages i "Woman Checking Fat" by Ambro / "Young lady holding remote control" by Ambro / "Husband Embrassing His Wife From Behind" by photostock / "Wine In Martini Glass" by digitalart / "Portrait Of Happy Young Couple Hugging At Studio" by stockimages / "Man Watching Tv Woman Looking Back" by Ambro / "Vintage TV Set" by digitalart / "Typical Fast Food" by rakratchada torsap / "Fruit And Vegetables" by Suat Eman / "Happy Family Relaxing in Garden" by imagerymajestic / "Smiled Chubby And Hamburger" by marin / "Male doing exercise" by stockimages / "Junk Food And Big Fat Stomach" by Surachai / "Fat And Slim Ladies" by africa / "Pizza" by rakratchada torsap /

Post-Holiday Pounds

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Now that the holidays are over, there are limited excuses to pardon weight gain. New Year resolutions to shed pounds are only as effective as understanding the initial culprit(s) that cause the weigh...


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