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Positive Self-Talk

Positive Self-Talk Solving the Mystery of Negative Are You Aware of the Problem? Ask Yourself 3 Questions B. Are you easily irritated by minor things? Are you often keyed-up? Do you frequently feel tired? The Faces of Feelings Beginning the Decoding Process You Are Not Alone Many people go through their lives unaware of how they feel or what causes negative their feelings. Instead they just know that something doesn't feel right. They don't feel content, get easily irritated, have a lack of energy, or are anxious and worried. And they do not know why... Intimidation Factor Identifying and labeling negative emotions can be intimidating, but is necessary in the transformation to contentment. Remember the uneasiness you feel while going through this process is normal, but positive as well. You are learning how to control the feelings, rather than having them control you. So What Now? Identify the Problem Ask yourself questions about what you disapprove of. What don't you like? This will help you begin the information gathering process. When we are upset, we often just react. We do not pay attention to the thoughts that led us to feel this emotion. It is SLOW important to take some time to analyze your thoughts, so it is easier to consider your next step. DOWN Think about the problem Putting your thoughts on paper can help you sort through your thinking. This demystifies the process of understanding how you feel. And then ask yourself... "If I change any of these thoughts, will I feel better?" Write Write down a list of your thoughts to identify negative thinking. With patience and practice. This Will Become This Things to Remember Change is never easy Identify Practice Debate But if you remember to take on positive self-talk in three steps, with time and patience, you will teach yourself how to feel content and happy. This won't Figure out what the problem is. Challenge negative thoughts with more positive change overnight, but with time, positive thoughts will become ones. more automatic.

Positive Self-Talk

shared by delly1234 on Aug 20
This infographic displays how negative thinking can be changed by using positive self-talk to more positive thinking. This will result in feeling better overall.


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